Your Garage

Gangster Nation Guide

Gangster Nation has over 250 vehicles. You can obtain these vehicles through the Vehicle Theft crime and many other ways. All vehicles you have are stored in your garage.

You can sell, crush, transfer, auction, repair, tune and insure vehicles.

Garage limit

You start with a garage limit of 5 vehicles, this can be upgraded in the Black Market up to a maximum of 100 vehicles.


Insuring a vehicle enables you to keep it after death, providing it's still in your garage and available at the time of death. It does not protect your vehicle from being lost in a group crime, blown up by tuning, etc.

To insure a vehicle, press the (i) button on a vehicle image, or the vehicle's name. A window then opens where you'll find an 'Insure' button if the vehicle isn't already insured.

Insurance is lost if you transfer a vehicle to another player (e.g. directly, through the Trade Center or through the Auction House) or if you place it in your family garage.

Selling vehicles

You can sell a vehicle for its current value which is shown on the Garage screen. A vehicles value decreases as its damage % increases. You can view the maximum value of all cars on the vehicles page linked above. You can also select multiple vehicles at once to sell and there is no limit on how many you can select.

Garage crusher

You can crush vehicles for bullets, this is an important way to gain extra bullets. The number of vehicles you can crush is limited, this starts at 1 vehicle per hour but can be upgraded in the Black Market up to a maximum of 10 vehicles per hour depending on your level.

The number of bullets you gain for crushing a vehicle depends on its value, so you should repair a vehicle before crushing it.

Transferring & auctioning vehicles

You can transfer and auction vehicles from your garage. When transferring vehicles this is done at no cost to the receiver so make sure you trust them if you expect to be paid. When auctioning the vehicles you can choose how long you want the auction to last, the minimum bid and whether you wish to stay anonymous for it. When choosing the minimum bid you can choose to list the vehicles at 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 or 2.5 times the vehicles value. You can also set a custom amount which will apply to all the vehicles. When auctioning vehicles, you will lose 10% of the final bid as a tax. For example, if your vehicles sell for $1m, you will receive $900k.

Repairing vehicles

When you steal a vehicle in the vehicle theft crime it will come damaged and when you use a vehicle in a bank robbery or delivery heist it will pick up damage. If your vehicles damage exceeds 99% then it will be abandoned. You can repair your vehicles and their damage will be set back to 0%. The more damaged a vehicle is, the more it costs to repair. The value of the vehicle is also a factor in the repair cost. Expensive vehicles cost more to repair than cheaper vehicles.

Tuning vehicles

You can tune a vehicle to increase its speed and acceleration. This can be useful for group crimes and certain missions. A vehicle can be tuned up to 10 times and it costs $15,000 each time. However there's a chance of your vehicle exploding, this chance increases each time you tune the vehicle. The chance of a vehicle exploding is the same for all vehicles, its value and damage doesn't matter.

Tune Chance of explosion
1st 0%
2nd 1%
3rd 2%
4th 6%
5th 10%
6th 16%
7th 24%
8th 32%
9th 40%
10th 50%


The Mechanic accolade can be earned by tuning vehicles.