Gangster Nation Guide

Respect is a community feature, meaning it has no real effect on gameplay (e.g. you can't spend or utilize respect in any way). As the name suggests, it's used to show who's respected and who isn't respected within the community, for example scammers may not be very well respected. The amount of respect someone has is represented by a number, this is shown on every gangster's profile.

Send Respect

You can send a certain number of respect points each game day, the number you can send increases with your level. To send respect, just select the amount of respect, a type and choose a recipient. You can also enter an optional message for the recipient. The recipient will receive an alert with your name, the amount of points and any message attached.

You have the choice of sending Respect or Disrespect. Sending Respect will result in the selected number of points being added to the recipient's balance (increasing their respect) while Disrespect will result in the selected number of points being removed from the recipients balance (decreasing their respect). Each type of respect also has an "anonymous" option to hide your name from the recipient.

Daily Points

This table shows the number of respect points you can send out on a daily basis at each level. The amount of respect you can send continues to increase by 1 every 5 prestige levels.

Levels Points
Levels 1 - 4 1 Respect Point
Levels 5 - 9 2 Respect Points
Levels 10 - 14 3 Respect Points
Levels 15 - 19 4 Respect Points
Levels 20 - 24 5 Respect Points
Levels 25 - 29 6 Respect Points
Levels 30 - 34 7 Respect Points
Levels 35 - 39 8 Respect Points
Levels 40 - 44 9 Respect Points
Levels 45 - 50 10 Respect Points
Prestige 1 - 4 11 Respect Points
Prestige 5 - 9 12 Respect Points
Prestige 10 - 14 13 Respect Points
Prestige 15 - 19 14 Respect Points
Prestige 20 - 24 15 Respect Points