Game Events

Gangster Nation Guide

There are a number of special game events which happen during a round.

Mini Events

Mini events are short-lived daily occurrences in Gangster Nation. They happen at random, usually a few times per day. Due to the nature of these events, you'll have to act quick to take advantage of them. When one of these events occurs, a post will be made in Global Chat and the Activity Feed.

You can enable the "Mini event alerts" setting (Settings -> General) to receive an alert when a mini event occurs (Certified Gangster exclusive).

Weekend Events

These events happen every round on the schedule shown below. The schedule is subject to change at any time but you'll receive an alert a few days ahead of a weekend event.

Event types

Double XP

During a Double XP event all level points gained are doubled.

Bullet Rush

During a Bullet Rush event, the number of bullets stocked in each Bullet Store every hour is doubled.

Looting Spree

During a Looting Spree event, the number of available Looting choices increases from 6 to 10.

There's a simultaneous contest to loot as many items as possible.

Motor Madness

During a Motor Madness event, the number of vehicles you see on Vehicle Theft increases from 6 to 10.

There's a simultaneous contest to steal as many vehicles as possible.


Event Week Start End
Double XP Week 3 Day 22 7pm Day 24 11pm
Looting Spree Week 4 Day 29 7pm Day 31 7pm
Bullet Rush Week 5 Day 36 7pm Day 38 7pm
Motor Madness Week 6 Day 43 7pm Day 46 7pm
Double XP Week 7 Day 50 7pm Day 52 7pm
Looting Spree Week 8 Day 57 7pm Day 59 7pm
Bullet Rush Week 9 Day 64 7pm Day 66 7pm
Double XP Week 11 Day 78 7pm Day 81 7pm
Motor Madness Week 12 Day 85 7pm Day 87 7pm

Seasonal Events

Gangster Nation also has seasonal events throughout the year, you'll receive an alert ahead of the event. Here you'll find the current description of each event but this may change from year to year so be sure to check the guide again once the event is announced.

Valentine's Day

The Valentine's Day event runs on the 14th and 15th of February.

The following changes occur:


The Easter event runs from the beginning of Good Friday until the end of Easter Monday.

The following changes occur:

Easter Eggs can still be exchanged in the Black Market after the event has finished, but you will lose them if you die.


The Halloween event runs from the 29th of October (start of day) to the 1st of November (end of day).

Skeleton Key

When the event starts you can head over to the Trick or Treat screen (in the top section of the menu) where you'll be able to claim your Skeleton Key.

The Skeleton Key is a perk giving you 30 minutes of 100% success chance on Vehicle Theft. The perk takes immediate effect once activated it, so you can activate it once you see something you like on Vehicle Theft.

All Skeleton Keys are non-transferable and insured. You can use the perk at any point during the same round and the key remains on your account through death if unused.

Trick or Treat

You can play Trick or Treat throughout the Halloween event. This appears on the Trick or Treat screen once you've claimed your Skeleton Key.

The Trick or Treat game presents 6 houses. You can Trick or Treat at one house each day to receive a treat. If you're on a smaller device (e.g. mobile) you should swipe left and right to see the houses. The event only lasts for 4 days so you can Trick or Treat on up to a maximum of 4 houses. On the last day of the event, after your final Trick or Treat, you get to see what treats you could have had on the houses you missed.

Death Wagon

A special vehicle named 'Death Wagon' is available throughout the Halloween event.


The Christmas event runs from the 1st of December (start of day) to the 25th of December (end of day).

When the event starts you can visit the Christmas screen (in the top section of the menu) where you'll be able to obtain a free gift in the Christmas Giveaway every day from the 1st until the 25th of December. Everyone receives the same gift every day although if you miss a daily gift you won't be able to obtain it again later. Any perks obtained in the giveaway are uninsured and non-transferable, so you should use them as soon as possible!

You will also find Santa's Sleigh 5000 in the game during this period, a special fast vehicle worth over $600k.