Drug Dealing

Gangster Nation Guide

You can obtain drugs through Police Chase and Heists. You can then navigate to the Drug Dealing screen to sell your drugs.

When on the Drug Dealing screen you're presented with a list of drugs and the going price for that drug in your city. An icon next to each price indicates whether the price is trending upwards or downwards. When a surge occurs (details below) the icon appears as a lightning bolt.

The price of a drug changes over time, so your goal is to work out a good price for a drug and sell for that price, travelling to another city if needed to obtain a better price.


A Mini Event can occur occassionally in which the demand for drugs surges in a specific city, resulting in the prices suddenly increasing.

The prices will peak the moment the surge occurs, then gradually fall back towards their normal price over a period of 5 minutes.

When this happens, a post will be made in the Activity Feed and Global Chat, plus if you have Certified Gangster you can optionally enable alerts (sent if you've been online in the past 5 minutes).

Prices tab

The prices tab shows you the price of every drug in every city, highlighting the lowest and highest price for each drug.

Just as on the Sell tab, the icon next to each price indicates whether the price is trending upwards, trending downwards or the result of a surge.


The Drug Runner accolade can be earned by selling drugs.

Drug Runner