Scratch & Win

Gangster Nation Guide

Scratch & Win is a gambling game where you have 8 slots to scratch and need to find 3 of the same items to win a prize!

Each Scratch & Win card costs $2,500 to purchase and you get more cards the higher your level. Everyone starts with 5 cards at level 1 and you gain 5 more every 5 levels. For example, a level 15 receives 20.

How to Play

To play all you need to do is purchase a card and then click/tap on the boxes to reveal what is under them. If you find 3 of the same items in a card you will receive a prize relating to the item you found. For example, finding 3 cash icons will give you cash.

Use Bonus Card

The Use Bonus Card button lets you use any Bonus Scratch Card perks you have, for example found in the Black Market or bought in the Credit Store.

Scratch All

The Scratch All option costs 2 credits and will scratch every card you have available (both normal ones and bonus ones) in a single action. The summary of results will then be shown to you. You should ensure your garage is clear before using this option so you have space for any incoming cars otherwise those cars will be abandoned.


You can win any of the following prizes in Scratch & Win:


Your Scratch & Win cards will automatically refill every day at midnight. You will also receive 5 extra cards during the day if you rank to a level where you would normally gain 5 more cards.

After you use all your Scratch & Win cards for a day you can obtain 50 Bonus Scratch Cards from the Credit Store. The cost is 12 Credits and this can be purchased 4 times per day.