Bomb Defusal

Bomb Defusal is a simple task which requires you to defuse a bomb for Butchie, you must disconnect the coloured wires (by clicking them) in the correct order to defuse the bomb.

The task in Butchie's words is: "Sup kid, one of the local firms have planted a bomb at one of our hideouts. I need you to go in there and snip the wires in the right order to defuse the bomb, get it done and I'll pay you."

How it works

The order in which you must snip the wires is random and changes on each attempt, nobody can tell you which order to snip the wires in - you just have to take a gamble! If you snip the wires in the correct order, you will be paid money, if you snip one in the wrong order, the bomb will blow up and you must wait to try the task again later. The bomb doesn't remove health from you when it blows up.


The minimum payout for a successful defusal is $50k and the maximum is over $500k. The actual payout you receive is random (you can't control it) but it's much more common for a lower payout, leaving an average payout of under $100k per successful bomb defusal.

Wait timer

Defusing the bomb succesfully will result in a 6 to 8 minute timer, however a failed defusal will result in only a 4 to 6 minute timer.