Gangster Nation Guide

This screen is where you can view and manage items which can be obtained via Looting or the Black Market.

The screen shows the items you own by default, with the number of each item shown before the name.

You can select an item to see more details and sell or discard the item.

Switching to the "All items" tab shows all items in the game.

Using items

You can use items in the following places currently:

Note: Items are usually single use, so you won't retain the item after using it.

Bulk Sell

If you're a Certified Gangster, you'll have access to a Bulk Sell tab. This tab allows you to sell different items at once, or your entire inventory.

The "Trim" button can be used to retain a certain number of each item and sell the rest. For example you may trim your inventory down to retain 10 of each time.