Gangster Nation is played in rounds which last between 110 and 120 days. This keeps the game fresh, allows us to release continuous game updates and gives new players the chance to compete with more experienced players. Each new round is a fresh start for everyone, although you can view the final rankings for previous rounds from the Statistics area.

Round schedule

As mentioned, rounds normally last between 110 and 120 days, or around 4 months. During the last 10 days of the round, we have a Deathmatch period - this is an interesting part of the round where the gameplay rules change and the general aim is to make as many kills as possible.

All active players receive an alert 2 weeks before the round ends. This alert contains the round end date, Deathmatch start date and the date of the next round beginning. We'll also post information about upcoming rounds on our social media pages. Generally a round will end in the evening of one day with the next round beginning at a specified time the following day.

Each new round is an opportunity to achieve new goals and reach new heights. It's an exciting part of the game which sees lots of players return and take part!

Round rankings

You will find the following rankings for each round on the Statistics page:

  • Top Ranked (Pre-DM and Deathmatch)
  • Top Killers (Pre-DM and Deathmatch)
  • Most Kills (Pre-DM and Deathmatch)
  • Families (Pre-DM Only)

Top Ranked is based on the amount of level points earned while Top Killers is based on the number of kill points earned. Most Kills is self explanatory.

The Pre-DM rankings are for the period between the beginning of the round and Deathmatch starting. As Deathmatch has different rules (such as large level point multipliers), there are separate rankings for the Deathmatch period.

Previous rounds

Gangster Nation was first released in January 2005 but we didn't begin keeping track of rounds until 2013, over 8 years later!

Round Start Date End Date
19 28th December 2018 -
18 7th September 2018 27th December 2018
17 18th May 2018 6th September 2018
16 26th January 2018 17th May 2018
15 6th October 2017 25th January 2018
14 16th June 2017 5th October 2017
13 24th February 2017 15th June 2017
12 4th November 2016 23rd February 2017
11 15th July 2016 3rd November 2016
10 25th March 2016 14th July 2016
9 27th November 2015 24th March 2016
8 25th July 2015 26th November 2015
7 27th March 2015 24th July 2015
6 28th November 2014 26th March 2015
5 1st August 2014 27th November 2014
4 4th April 2014 31st July 2014
3 14th December 2013 3rd April 2014
2 9th August 2013 13th December 2013
1 5th April 2013 8th August 2013