Gangster Nation Guide

Looting is where you can steal various items which can then be sold, used in Missions or used in Heists.


When you attempt a looting, you'll see a list of items you've found. Each item shows its current value and how many of the item you have in your inventory currently.

To take an item, press the "Take" button (you can press it again to undo this action).

You start with a 100% success chance but each item taken reduces your chance of success. The exact amount your chance is reduced by varies between different items. You can see your current chance below the list of items.

If you attempt is successful, the items will be added to your Inventory.



It's important to know that the value of an item can go up or down over time even after you take it, the value you see while looting is only the current value. Learning the highs and lows of item values can help to decide which items to take.

Wait timer

The wait timer for looting is 5 minutes.


The Looting Legend accolade can be earned through Looting.

Level points

You'll earn half a level point for every item attempted when you fail (rounded up to the nearest whole amount).

You'll earn 1 level point for every item attempted when you're successful.