Family Members

Gangster Nation Guide

This screen allows you to view all members of the family. If you're a boss or VIP Member you can also manage members and roles, as well as message everyone.


From the members tab you can view the members of the family and their role.

Invite member

If your family boss allows you access, you can invite new members to the family here.

Every family has a member limit which can be upgraded by going to the Family Dashboard screen, then the Upgrades tab.

Change role

This option is available to members with the role VIP Member, Underboss or Boss.

A VIP Member you can promote or demote someone between Normal Member and Higher Member.

The Underboss can promote or demote someone between Normal Member, Higher Member and VIP Member.

The Boss can change any role, including making someone else the boss. If the boss assigns a new boss, they become the underboss and the existing underboss is demoted to a VIP Member. The minimum level to be Underboss or Boss is Level 12.


This option is available to members with the role Higher Member or above. You can kick anyone below your role.


Send a message to all family members, available to VIP Members and bosses.


This screen allows you to manage the settings for each role in the family.

At the moment, you must be VIP Member, Underboss or Boss to access this screen.

Default roles

There are currently five default family roles:

  1. Normal Member
  2. Higher Member (can kick Normal Members)
  3. VIP Member (can manage most family settings)
  4. The Underboss (can manage most family settings and takes over as boss if the boss dies)
  5. The Boss (has full access and ownership over the family)

We're working towards you being able to create and manage your own roles with individual settings for each role.