Family Business

Gangster Nation Guide

Families can start businesses to help bring in some money to the family bank each day. Money is deposited into the family bank account at 8PM game time every day. The deposit is made before the any daily distribution is calculated.

Businesses can be bought or taken over when one gangster kills another. Businesses can be managed by VIP members and the bosses.

Starting Businesses

Businesses cost money to be started. The amount it costs depends on the business you are starting. The daily return rate you get for each businesses increases with the cost to start the business.

The businesses available, along with their cost and daily return rates are shown below.

Business Cost Daily Return Break Even Time
Drinks Stall $400,000 $100,000 4 Days
Kebab Hut $625,000 $125,000 5 Days
Parking Lot $900,000 $150,000 6 Days
Restaurant $1,225,000 $175,000 7 Days
Estate Agents $1,600,000 $200,000 8 Days
Football Team $2,025,000 $225,000 9 Days
Night Club $2,500,000 $250,000 10 Days

For a gangster to be protecting a business they must be out of protection. The maximum number of purchased businesses a gangster can protect is 2. When purchasing a business the money is taken out of the family bank.

Closing Businesses

A business can be closed at any time for free. However, the family bank will not be compensated for any loss incurred.

Taking Over Businesses

If your family member kills another gangster without using a silencer (or in backfire) then your family will take over all businesses that were being protected by the other gangster. The businesses are protected by the killer and do not count towards the purchased businesses limit.

Business Raids

Every so often a family business can be raided by the feds and shut down. When a business is shut down no profit is lost and there are no fines imposed on the family. The feds randomly raid businesses that have been owned for over a month and can happen at any time.