The Bank

Gangster Nation Guide

The Bank is where you can store money for safe keeping, protected from extortion. However if someone is Level 50 or has the Bank Extortion perk, they can still extort money from your bank account. The wealth level on your profile shows the range of money you have in cash and in your bank account, so others may use this level to target you.

When spending money on Gangster Nation, the amount must be in your cash on hand. If you have money in your bank, you need to withdraw it before spending it.


Savings accounts provide a way for you to hide money and earn some interest. Money stored in savings accounts will not contribute to the wealth rank on your profile and can't be extorted even if the Bank Extortion perk is used. There are 4 types of savings accounts:

You can close a savings account early if you need your money but the bank will only pay out 80% of the original amount if you do this.

Sending Money

You can send money to other gangsters by visiting The Bank. All money you send will be subject to a 10% tax. You can also send money to someone from their profile, by pressing Actions and then Send Money.