The Airport is where you can travel between different cities on Gangster Nation. It's relatively self-explanatory, you choose your destination from the available cities. After flying to a city, there's a timer before you can fly again. The cost to fly to each city varies and there are upgrades to choose from for an additional cost which will reduce the time you have to wait before flying again afterwards.

What is the purpose of flying?

There are many reasons why you may want to travel between cities, such as:

  • To take part in a Bank Robbery or Delivery Heist.
  • To visit a Bullet Store with more stock or cheaper bullets.
  • Gambling on a Slot Machine with a bigger Jakckpot.
  • Gambling on a Blackjack table with different min/max bets.
  • To shoot at another gangster.
  • To move away from a city where you may be vulnerable, for example another player knows your location or you've just shot at someone.


The protector of an Airport can collect a 75% cut from all flight sales. Additionally, the protector of an Airport and anyone in the same family as the protector receives a 50% discount on the flight cost when flying out of the Airport.


The Jet Setter accolade can be earned through the Airport.

  • Bronze: Travel to another location.
  • Silver: Travel using the Priority Travel option.
  • Gold: Travel at least 250 times.