Gangster Nation Guide

The Airport is where you can travel between different cities on Gangster Nation.


The airport interface is self-explanatory. You choose a destination and have a choice of three flight options, then you arrive in the other city. There's a wait timer between travelling which varies depending on the flight option chosen.


A yellow truck icon next to a destination indicates you have an active heist in that city. This is useful if you're travelling to take part in a heist you've joined.

If you're in a heist in your current city, an orange warning banner will show to remind you. This is useful to prevent you mistakenly travelling away from an active heist.

What is the purpose of flying?

There are many reasons why you may want to travel between cities, such as:


Each time you fly, you must wait before flying again. The timer is 1.5 hours, 1 hour or 45 minutes depending on the flight chosen.

You can reset this timer at a cost of 8 credits, up to once every 5 minutes.


The protector of an Airport can collect a 75% cut from all flight sales. Additionally, the protector of an Airport and anyone in the same family as the protector receives a 50% discount on the flight cost when flying out of the Airport.


The Jet Setter accolade can be earned through the Airport.