Life Insurance

Life Insurance enables you to reclaim some of your gangster's assets after being killed. As long as you're insured at the time you're killed, you'll be able to claim back a portion of the assets your gangster had at the time of death. If you don't have Life Insurance, you'll start again from scratch after being killed.

The feature only applies to being killed by another gangster (including being killed in backfire). You cannot reclaim assets after committing suicide or being admin killed.

Assets covered

The insurance system will cover a percentage of your money, bullets and level number. The money includes your cash on hand, money in the bank and money in savings.

For example, if you have a 50% policy and you're killed at Level 20 with $10m and 30k Bullets, then you can reclaim $5m, 15k Bullets and be boosted to Level 10.

Buying a policy

You can purchase a policy from the "Your Policy" tab. Policies can be purchased in 1 week blocks and you can choose between 4 different percentages (30%, 40%, 50% or 70%). Before your policy expires, you'll receive an alert reminding you to renew the policy.

Making a claim

Should you end up being killed while you're insured, just create your new gangster as normal. Then you can access the "Make Claim" tab of the Life Insurance page where you'll find policies available to claim on. Each policy will show the assets you have available to reclaim with a button to claim them.

There are no time restrictions on making a claim, you can do so from any of your gangsters and at any time during the same round.

Note that while any money or bullets are added to your existing balance, you will only be boosted to the level number you're insured for. For example if you're Level 5 and claim on a policy for Level 10, you'll be boosted to Level 10 rather than becoming Level 15. If you're above the insured level, claiming on the policy won't effect your level.