Auction House

Gangster Nation Guide

The Auction House is a place where you can anonymously auction (or bid on) bullets, prison bribes, credits, vehicles and perks.

Making a bid

Just press the "Make Bid" button next to an auction to place a bid. Your bid amount must be at least 10% more than the previous bid unless you're making the first bid on the item (in which case it must be at least the minimum bid as set by the item owner).

Auctions automatically lock at a random point during the last 20 seconds, at which point nobody can bid. This is to prevent last second bids, so if you want to make a serious bid it would be recommended to bid before the last 20 seconds.

All bids come from your cash on hand, so make sure you've withdrawn money from the bank first. If you're out bid then your bid amount will be refunded to your bank account.

Starting an auction

You can start auctions for bullets, prison bribes, credits or perks from the Auction House on the "Start Auction" tab. Just select the item you want to sell, a minimum bid, how long to list the auction for and how many of the same auctions you want to start at the same time.

When your auction ends, if it has received bids the earnings are paid into your bank account with a 10% fee deducted, otherwise the item will be returned to you.

Note: To sell a perk, the perk must be transferable (not bought from the Credit Store) and must not have been consumed (partially or fully).


You can auction vehicles from the Your Garage screen by selecting the vehicle(s) and using the "Auction Vehicles" action.

Auto relist

Note: Certified Gangster exclusive feature.

Enabling the auto relist option means that if your auction doesn't sell, it will be automatically placed back in the Auction House for the same period of time, up to 10 times in total before ending.

Closing an auction

You can close your auction early if no bids have been made. You can do this by going to the Auction House, finding your auction and pressing the Close button.

Trade Limits

Trade Limits apply to the Auction House, you can read more about them here.

Send limits

Send limits apply when starting certain auctions.

You can avoid send limits by selling assets in the Black Market instead.

Receive limits

Receive limits apply when bidding on auctions with a red bid button.

You can avoid receive limits by only bidding on auctions with a black "Bid" button.


The Statistics tab lets you view the average winning bids per bullet, credit and vehicle over the last 24 hours as well as the last 7 days. This can help you when deciding what to set your minimum bid at.