Gangster Nation Guide


Before you can shoot at another gangster you must locate them using detectives.

Detectives work like so:

  1. You pay detectives to locate your target.
  2. Detectives will begin searching for your target. This lasts for the full duration selected when hiring.
  3. After the search is complete, you will receive an alert to confirm whether your target has been found.
  4. If your target was found, detectives will track the target for 6 hours. During this time, you can shoot at the target providing you're in the same city. However if the target travels, detectives will abandon the case (unless the "Follow" option is used as explained below).

Important: The target must be out of protection and within your level range. The level range is within 10 levels of your own level, for example a Level 30 can hire detectives on targets between Level 20 and Level 40.

It's not easy to find a target, so you should expect detectives to fail and be prepared to hire more if necessary. The difficulty of finding a target increases with their level, your own level does not matter. Detectives are private, nobody else will know if you're searching for a target.



Normally you will hire detectives to search all cities but if you believe you know your target's city, you can specify which cities detectives should search in.

Search time

The search time is important, the longer the search time the higher your chance of finding a target. As higher level targets are more difficult to find, you should increase the search time accordingly with the level of your target. For example a 30 minute search has a reasonable chance of finding a Level 5 target but a 3 hour search time is advised for a Level 50 target.

30 minute detectives can only find targets up to Level 19, 1 hour detectives can only find targets up to Level 39 and higher duration detectives can find targets of any level.

Detectives never have a 100% chance of finding, no matter the target level and search time combination.


If your target is found but then travels, your detectives will stop tracking them. This can be a problem when searching for an active gangster because they may (by chance) travel quickly after you've located them, before you have a chance to shoot. However you can use the follow option to have your detectives follow the target into one additional city after being found.

Number of detectives

A single detective often won't find a target. You can send up to 100 detectives out at once, this works exactly the same as hiring 1 detective 100 times.


The price of your detectives depends on how long they will be searching, the number of cities being searched, the number of detectives hired and whether they will follow the target.

Monitor Detectives

The monitor tab has two sections:

Tracked Targets

This section shows targets which have been found and are currently being tracked by your detectives, meaning you can shoot at them providing you're in the same city. The expiry time is when detectives will stop tracking the target at which point you'll no longer be able to shoot.

Searching Detectives

This section shows targets which your detectives are still searching for, along with the cities being searched and the estimated time of completion.


During Deathmatch, the target level range increases each day and eventually the search times are reduced.