Stock Market

Gangster Nation Guide

You can buy and sell shares from 6 businesses in the Stock Market. Shares for each business update every hour. The general principle is buy low sell high and make profit! If you do it well you can make millions through the Stock Market.

Buying Shares

You can buy shares in any of the 6 businesses by entering how many shares you want in the particular business and pressing Buy. You can hold no more than 1,500 shares in one business. You can also view a graph showing you the recent performance of a particular business by pressing the blue graph icon. Each business will show its share price and its change over the course of 1 hour, 1 day and 1 week. You can use this to help you when deciding what shares to buy.

Selling Shares

To sell your shares you should use the My Portfolio tab. You will be able to see how many shares you have and what profit or loss you would have if you sold them now. You can also view the performance graph for each of the businesses you have shares in from the My Portfolio tab.


The statistics tab shows you the global top trades and the global top sales. You can also view your personal record on it which will show your total profit and your best sale.