Gangster Nation Guide

Fraud is a straight forward crime which can help you earn extra money, this guide will go through the details of how the Fraud feature works.

Attempt Fraud

There are 4 types of fraud you can attempt, each type offering an increased payout and level XP upon a successful attempt. However the 2nd, 3rd and 4th types are locked until you successfully complete 10 attempts of the previous fraud type.

An attempt is split into two elements. To get started, select the type of fraud you want to attempt. Then you can begin planning your fraud by clicking the "Plan Fraud" button. After you have planned your attempt at least once, the "Attempt" button is enabled. However you will notice this button shows a percentage, which is your chance of success. To increase this chance, just keep repeating the planning stage using the "Plan Fraud" button until you're satisfied with the chance of passing (the maximum chance is 100%). At any point you can then click the "Attempt" button, if the fraud is successful you'll earn some money. As the fraud attempt is now complete, the next time you want to attempt fraud, you'll start the process again by selecting the fraud type.

Level points

When you plan or fail an attempted fraud you will receive either 1 or 2 level points. If you successfully attempt a fraud then you will receive 1 or 2 points plus 2 points for Identity Theft, 4 points for Insurance Scams & 6 points for Money Counterfeiting.

Wait timer

The wait timer for fraud is 6 minutes when attempting fraud and 4 minutes when planning fraud.


The Con Artist accolade can be earned through Fraud.