Family Dashboard

Gangster Nation Guide


The Dashboard tab shows the following family details:

Leave Family

Any member except the boss can leave the family at any time. The cost to leave the family (if any) is set by the boss, this can be between $0 and $5,000,000.

Close Family

A family boss can close the family at any time from here.


The Settings tab is available to VIP members and bosses.

The following settings can be changed:


The Upgrades tab is available to VIP members and bosses. Any upgrade costs are taken directly from the family bank account.

Member limit

A family begins with a limit of 5 members. Any VIP Member or boss can upgrade the member limit by going to the Family Dashboard screen, then the Upgrades tab. The cost is $500,000 per member up to 10 members, $1,000,000 per member between the 10th and 20th member and $2,000,000 per member between the 20th and 25th. 25 members is the maximum number you can upgrade to.