Verify Killer

Gangster Nation Guide

The Verify Killer screen enables you to pay money to confirm whether one gangster killed another. Be careful though, the witness might steal your money!

How it works

When on the Verify Killer you need to enter the name of the deceased gangster and the name of who you suspect is the killer. You must also enter a bribe amount. The amount you need to enter depends on various factors and is also based on chance. The higher the combined levels of the killer and deceased gangster, the higher the bribe amount will generally be. However, luck is also involved - what doesn't work on one attempt, may work on your next attempt.

When trying to verify a killer, there's a 5% chance of the witness deciding to steal your money. To minimise the risk of this happening, you should go in with a reasonable bribe straight away (generally in the millions of dollars) rather than increasing your bribe slowly.

If you pay the required amount for your attempt, the witness will give in and tell you whether you are right or wrong. In this case, your money will be taken and you will receive your answer.

You can't verify revealed kills and you can view all your previous verification attempts by checking the History tab.