Vehicle Theft

Gangster Nation Guide

Vehicle Theft is an important crime, here you will source most of your vehicles which can be used in various ways. Just click or tap on the vehicle you want to steal. It can be difficult to steal you first vehicle. However, keep trying and you will soon find success. Stolen vehicles can then be found in Your Garage.


You are given a choice of 6 vehicle models on each new Vehicle Theft attempt. Some are more common and will appear more frequently while others may be rarely found, so keep an eye out for those rare vehicles and be prepared to take a chance on them.

Note: During the special event "Motor Madness" and during Deathmatch, the number of vehicles available increases from 6 to 10.

Search vehicles

There's a "Search more" button below the vehicle list. This enables you to look for more vehicles before choosing one to steal. Each search will replace your current group of vehicles.

If you're a Certified Gangster you will also see a "Previous" button. This button enables you to move back to a previous group of vehicles if you change your mind and want to try a previously seen vehicle. The numbers above the buttons (e.g. 3/4) show the current group of vehicles you're viewing and the maximum group for your current attempt. After navigating to a previous group, you can move forward again using the "Next" button and search for more vehicles again once you're looking at your latest group.

There's a limit on a number of searches you can make which is 80 searches per day. You can also gain bonus searches through the Credit Store and Black Market (daily special).

Success chance

The chance for stealing a vehicle is represented by the green bar.

If there is anything temporarily boosting your chance (e.g. a perk, special event or Deathmatch), this portion of the chance bar is shown in a darker green.

For standard vehicles, chances begin at 15%. However some vehicles, such as those available during events, may begin at a higher chance.

Each time you attempt to steal a vehicle, the chance of stealing that particular model will increase by 5%, up to a maximum of 90%.

Level points

If you pass a Vehicle Theft you will receive 4 points and an additional 1 point for every 500k of the vehicles value. For example, stealing a vehicle worth 450k will give you 4 points, whilst stealing a vehicle of 1m will give you 6 points. If you fail to steal a vehicle you will receive 1 point.


If you successfully steal more than one vehicle consecutively, you will be on a winning streak. Each successful vehicle you steal while on a streak will reduce your wait time by 4 seconds. The minimum wait time you can reach is 2 minutes, reached once you build up a streak of 45 vehicle thefts.

Vehicle Log

This tab shows stats for every vehicle you can steal.

The personal stats shown for each vehicle are:

You can sort the vehicles by various stats using the dropdown menu at the top of the screen, as well as switching between showing personal stats and vehicle stats (including max speed, 0-60 time, value and capacity).



Your Vehicle Theft rank is based on the total value of vehicles stolen. There's a separate rank for the best streaks.

Milli Vehicles

A "Milli" is a vehicle with a cost price (0% damage) of at least $1,000,000. These vehicles are highly desired in Gangster Nation but extremely rare. The Personal Record section shows the number of Milli Vehicles you've seen, attempted and stolen. There's nothing special about these vehicles other than their high value. A good use for a Milli Vehicle is when Butchie gives you a mission asking for a 7x tuned vehicle; the reward is a number of bullets based on the vehicle value so if you can manage to tune one of these 7x and repair it, you can gain a large number of bullets as a reward.


The Flash Wheels and Motor Maniac accolades can be earned through Vehicle Theft.

Flash Wheels

Motor Maniac