Trade Center

Gangster Nation Guide


The Trade Center is where you can send assets to other gangsters including a secure escrow feature.

A number of different assets are supported:

Open Trade

To exchange assets with someone, open a trade. This will let you both place a number of assets in the trade and then agree to accept the trade before the assets are exchanged. If you don’t like the trade, you can decide to cancel it. The process is secure and protects you from scamming, you should always use this option when exchanging assets.

If you don’t complete or cancel your trade within an hour, it’s automatically cancelled and closed.

Send Gift

If you just want to send an asset to someone without expecting anything in return, use the “Send Gift” option. This sends the asset straight to your recipient without them needing to accept.

DO NOT use this option with the expectation of receiving something in return, that’s what the main two-way trade function is for. Scamming is not against the rules.

Trade Limits

Some asset categories have a trade limit in place. This limit is shared between the Trade Center, Auction House and RPS deposits.

Limits in place

Why does Gangster Nation need Trade Limits?

Trade Limits are a necessary evil to help prevent cheating the following ways:

Although some people dislike trade limits and they weren’t needed in the past, they’re important to help keep the game fair due to some players abusing the game.


This tab shows the full history of assets you’ve sent and received. If assets were sent as part of a trade, you can press “View trade” to view the associated trade.


The Statistics tab shows your totals, which is the number of assets you’ve sent and received in each category. You can also view your trade limits on this tab.