Trade Center

Gangster Nation Guide


The Trade Center is where you can send assets to other gangsters including a secure escrow feature.

A number of different assets are supported:

Open Trade

To exchange an asset with another gangster’s asset, you should open a trade. This will enable you to each place a number of assets in the trade and then agree to accept the trade before the assets are exchanged. If you don’t like the trade, you can decide to cancel it. The process is secure and protects you from scamming, you should always use this option when exchanging assets.

If you haven’t completed (or cancelled) your trade within an hour, it’s automatically cancelled and closed.

Send Gift

If you just want to send an asset to someone without expecting anything in return, you can use the “Send Gift” area to do this.

You should NOT use this option with the expectation of receiving something in return as you may be scammed. Always open a proper two-way trade when buying or selling something (or use the Auction House).


This tab shows your previous trades as well as gifts sent and received, going back to when you first started your current gangster.


The Statistics tab shows a “Sent and Received” section. This shows all assets you’ve sent or received through the Trade Center on your current gangster. It also includes any perks sent through the Perk Inventory screen.