The Bank

Gangster Nation Guide

The Bank is where you manage all your money on Gangster Nation. There are 3 main “types” of money. You will have your Cash, Banked money & Savings. Your Wealth which can be seen on your profile is based on your Cash and Banked totals. Your Cash is what you have on your gangster and it can be extorted by other Gangsters if you’re online. Your Bank is safe from normal extortions however your bank can be extorted from a Level 50 if they specifically target your bank.

Whenever you are making a purchase or payment the money must be available as your Cash. For example, money in your bank can not be used to pay for an auction. You must withdraw the required money from your bank account.

You can withdraw and deposit money from your bank account without any limits no matter what location you are in.


The Savings tab lets you put money from your Cash into savings. You will not be able to withdraw money early and it will not show as part of your Wealth. There are 3 types of Saving options:

If you are in the same family as the protector of the bank you get an increase interest rate:


Banks have protectors who can take a 5% cut of all transfers made through the bank they are protecting. Family members of the protector, as well as the protector, receive double the interest rate for savings as shown above.


The Statistics tab lets you view all the protectors of the banks and also see your recently received and sent money.

Sending Money

You can send money to other gangsters by visiting The Bank. All money you send will be subject to a 10% tax.