Text Formatting

Gangster Nation Guide

Your profile content can be formatted in various ways using 'BB Code'. The same code can be used if editing The Times. This page gives you a quick reference to each type of code which can be used.

Bold text

[b]Your text here[/b]

Results in bold text.

Underlined text

[u]Your text here[/u]

Results in underlined text.

Strikethrough text

[s]Your text here[/s]

Results in strikethrough text.

Text size

[size=24]Your text here[/size]

Results in bigger text.

You can use any number instead of 24. The size is in pixels.

Coloured text

[color=red]Your text here[/color]

Results in red text.

You can use any supported colour name or a "hex value" (format like so: #FFFFFF) in place of "red".

The following external website can help with picking a colour code: https://color.hailpixel.com

Centered text

[center]Your content here[/center]

The content will be centered within your profile or post.



You can place any image URL inside the [img] tags to have the image display.

If you want to show an image from your device, you must first upload it to a service such as this one: https://vgy.me (copy the "Direct URL" and place within the [img] [/img] tags).

YouTube videos


You can place any YouTube video URL within the [youtube] tags to have that video display.