Gangster Nation Guide

RPS stands for Rock Paper Scissors, the classic game you would usually play against someone else using your hands.

The rules are simple:

On Gangster Nation you can gamble wagers of money, bullets, credits or prison bribes.

If you win against someone, you keep your wager and take their wager (minus tax). You can also draw in which case you each receive your wagers back.

Bullets balance

Although most RPS games are played from your usual game balance, bullet wagers have their own, separate balance for RPS which can be found at the bottom of the RPS screen.

Here you can deposit and withdraw bullets. Any games played will come from this balance, with losses being deducted and winnings being added to the balance.

Any deposits to your RPS balance, or withdrawals from your RPS balance, count towards your trade limit. You can read more about trade limits here.


Money wagers are taxed at 10%, you're only taxed on the part you win from your opponent. For example on a game with a $100,000 wager, if you win you would receive your wager back ($100,000) plus the opponent's wager minus 10% tax ($900,000) – $190,000 in total.


The statistics tab lets you view the recent global games, your recent games and also the profit/loss you've made by playing RPS.