Gangster Nation Guide

You can play Rock Paper Scissors on Gangster Nation and gamble Cash, Bullets & Credits with it. You can view all open games and start your own game from the RPS menu link.

When starting a game you must choose what you want to wager and your move. When playing another gangsters game you just need to click on it and ensure you have the required wager. If the wager is cash then you must have it on you and not in your bank.

The rules are simple:

Cancelling games

If you have started a game and then want to cancel it you can do so on the RPS screen and scrolling to the bottom to the Your Open Games section. You can only cancel a game if it hasn’t been played already. When cancelling, you will receive your full bet back.


The winner receives their wager back plus their opponent’s wager. For money and bullet wagers, a tax is deducted - 20% for money and 30% for bullets. For example, with a 100 bullets wager, if you win you’ll keep your 100 bullets and gain 70 bullets from the opponent (their 100 bullets minus a 30% tax).

If you draw, each of you receives your wager back without any tax being deducted.


The statistics tab lets you view the recent global games, your recent games and also the profit/loss you’ve made by playing RPS.