Gangster Nation Guide

Gangster Nation has various properties with security contracts. Each property can have one gangster providing security at any one time. Each security contract lasts for up to 15 days and is taken over by killing the existing contract holder or waiting until the current contract expires.


The following properties have security contracts.


The contract holder can claim 75% of sales made through the Airport at any time. Additionally, the contract holder and anyone in the same family as the contract holder can travel for half price from the protected Airport.

Bullet Store

The contract holder can collect 30% of sales made through the store at any time. Additionally, the contract holder and anyone in the same family as the contract holder receives a 25% discount on bullets purchased from the protected Bullet Store.


The contract holder can collect 10% of the profit made through the Blackjack table on the previous game day. This means if the contract holder forgets to make a collection one day, they will lose out on those funds. Additionally, Blackjack tables aren't always profitable which means the collection can be $0 on some days.

Trade Center

The contract holder can collect 75% of all taxes charged on money transfers (including both trades and gifts) in the Trade Center at any time.

Taking over security contracts

There are two ways to take over the security contract of a property, these are detailed below.

By killing

If security is currently provided by another gangster (not Butchie), you can take over the property by killing that gangster but you must not use a silencer.

When the security strength falls

Each property has a security strength bar. You can check the current strength either using the first action button (with the binoculars icon), or by attacking the property (detailed below). You must wait 15 seconds between either of these actions. When the bar is empty (after checking its strength), the button to take over the contract will be enabled. It's likely that lots of people will be attacking a property or checking its security strength when the bar is nearly empty, so your chance of being able to take over a property is low.

You cannot take over a property's security contract while in protection. You also can't take over one of your own security contracts.

Security strength duration

To help prevent anyone knowing exactly when a property's security contract becomes available, the exact duration for a contract varies and the duration of each section of the security strength bar varies.

The initial duration for a security contract is:

This duration can then be reduced further using Petrol Bombs, detailed below.


You can attack a property to reduce its security strength sooner.

Currently, the only way to do this is using Petrol Bombs, which can be bought from the Black Market and are kept in your Inventory.

Each petrol bomb only reduces a property's security strength by a very small amount, so it's best to work as a team (e.g. with your family) to have a meaningful impact.

You must wait 15 seconds between attacks.


You cannot use a petrol bomb in the following scenarios:


The Arsonist accolade can be earned by attacking properties.