Police Chase

Gangster Nation Guide

Your job in Police Chase is to help a dealer escape the police. In return, if you’re successful, he’ll give you a cut of his drugs stash.

How it works

When you visit the Police Chase screen, you’ll see what type of drug the dealer has on him - some drugs are more valuable than others. You’ll also see two bars - one representing your chance of success, the other representing your current share of the drugs stash. You then have two options:

Each time you keep driving, your chance of successfully escaping increases, but your cut of the drugs reduces (as Butchie wants you to be as quick as possible).

When you’re ready you can abandon the vehicle, then you’ll find out if you were successful or not. If you’re successful Butchie hands you the drugs.

If you reach 80% chance or 1 unit of drugs, you’ll be forced to abandon the vehicle.

Payout and selling your drugs

The maximum payout is 15 units.

Any drugs you earn will be added to your Inventory. You can then sell drugs from your Inventory, or using the dedicated Drug Dealing screen (under The City section of the main menu).

Level points

Wait timer

The wait timer is always 6 minutes.