Gangster Nation Guide

Perks give you a boost in specific areas of the game. The main areas you can obtain perks from are the Black Market and Credit Store. You can also buy from other gangsters through the Auction House or Trade Center.

This page lists all of the available perks in the game.

Available perks

Bank Extortion

You can attempt extortion from other gangster’s bank accounts.

Bomb Technician

You will receive 3 clues for every Bomb Defusal attempt for a period of time.

Bulk Bullets

Triples the maximum amount of bullets you can purchase from the Bullet Store at once.

Perk is consumed by purchasing over 100 bullets in the Bullet Store.

Bonus Scratch Card

An extra card to scratch in Scratch & Win. This does not raise your daily allowance of cards, the each Bonus Scratch Card is an individual one-use card.

Car Spotter

Vehicles costing $250k+ will be highlighted in Vehicle Theft, with vehicles costing between $250,000 and $999,999 appearing silver and vehicles costing $1,000,000+ appearing gold.

Crusher Service

Services your garage crusher, enabling you to crush more vehicles immediately this hour.

Double XP

Earn double level points for a period of time.

Drug Courier

Any drugs gained from Police Chase will be doubled for a period of time.

Extortion Ninja

Your extortion targets will never know your identity for a period of time (excludes bank extortions).

Extortion Protection

Protects you from being Extorted for a period of time.

Extortion Vision

Shows up to 6 extra Extortion targets to choose from for a period of time.

Extortion Wealth

Shows the wealth of your targets on the Extortion screen for a period of time.

Getaway Driver

All vehicles found in Vehicle Theft have 0% damage for a period of time.

Ghost Mode

Gain no heat for a period of time, so you won’t enter the prison.

Half Crime Timers

Halves the wait timer for every crime in the “Crimes” menu for a period of time.

Note that if you activate this with a conflicting half timer perk, such as the “SC Half Timer” perk which halves your Small Crimes wait timer, then your wait timer will only be halved once.

Health Boost

Instantly boosts your health back to 100% when used.

Instant Tune

Instantly tunes a selected car to 10x tuned.

Perk is consumed by using the “Instant Tune” option which appears in Your Garage.

Mentoring Boost

Gain double level points from mentoring.

Perk is consumed when you receive mentoring from another player, providing the perk has been enabled.

Mission Selector

Choose your own mission from Butchie (you cannot choose the mission you previously attempted).

Mission Vehicle Highlighter

Any vehicles needed for the “My Cousin Vinny” mission will be highlighted green in Vehicle Theft.

Prison Busting Pro

Double success chance on Prison Busting for a period of time.

PB Half Timer

Halves your wait timer on Prison Busting for a period of time.

Respect Refill

Refills your available respect to send for the day.

Safe Assist

Gives you clues (up or down) for every attempt on Crack The Safe.

SC Half Timer

Halves your Small Crimes timer for a period of time.

VT Bonus Reload

Each bonus reload enables you to look for more vehicles during Vehicle Theft.

Perk is consumed by using the “Look for more vehicles” button in Vehicle Theft.

VT Half Timer

Halves your Vehicle Theft timer for a period of time.

VT Pro

Doubles your Vehicle Theft chances for a period of time.

XP Boost

Gives you an instant gain of 25 level points. These level points are not eligible for Double XP (the perk or the special event), you will always receive 25 points.