Gangster Nation Guide

This screen is where you view and manage items you own such as perks.


The screen shows your items as a series of buttons. The ring around an item represents its status - a green ring means the item is ready to use, an orange ring means the item is partially consumed and a red ring means the item is disabled or in use (e.g. held in an auction or trade).

Select an item to see more information including:

Buying and selling

If you need to buy or sell an item, do so through the Trade Center or Auction House. You should only transfer an item directly to someone as a gift because you could be scammed. Any insured items which are transferred to another player through these features will become uninsured.

Non-transferable items

Some items such as those bought from the Credit Store or acquired during special events are non-transferable.

As soon as you activate or partially consume a transferable item, it becomes non-transferable.


An insured item remains on your account even after death. Some items, such as those bought from the Credit Store, are insured when you first obtain them. For others, you can insure them yourself at a cost of $250,000 per item. As soon as you activate, partially consume or transfer an insured item, it’s no longer insured.