Life Insurance

Gangster Nation Guide

Life Insurance enables you to reclaim some of your assets after being killed.

How it works

The Life Insurance system allows you to regain some of your assets and progress after being killed. The exact details of what's insured depends on your policy type, you can read more about the different policy types further down this page.

Life Insurance isn't available if you commit suicide or if you're admin killed for breaking the game rules.


A percentage of the money you're holding in cash, the bank and savings. The remainder of this money goes to your killer.


A percentage of your bullets including any held in your RPS balance. Keep in mind that any bullets shot, including in backfire, are not included.

Level number

A percentage of your level number. For example if you're Level 30 with 50% level coverage, you can return at Level 15. You can also choose a lower level when claiming on your insurance.

Vehicle Theft chances

A percentage of your Vehicle Theft chances.

Small Crimes chances

A percentage of your Small Crimes chances.

Policy types

There are two main policy types: the free policy (which everyone has by default) or the paid policy (which is further enchanced if you've upgraded to Certified Gangster).

The cost for the paid policy is $4,000,000 per week. You will be alerted 24 hours before the policy expires and can extend it at any time.

It's recommended to always upgrade to the paid policy.

Feature Free Policy Paid Policy Paid + Certified
Level 50% 70% 70%
Bullets 50% 70% 70%
Money 70% 70%
Vehicle Theft chances 70% 70%
Small Crimes chances 50%

Making a claim

If you're killed while insured, just create your new gangster as normal. Then navigate to the Make Claim tab of the Life Insurance screen to claim against your previous insurance policy.

Any money or bullets claimed will be added to your existing balances. However your level number, Vehicle Theft chances and Small Crimes chances will only be boosted to the insured amounts. For example if you're insured for Level 20 but have already reached Level 5 before claiming against your insurance, you'll still only become Level 20 (not Level 25).

You can claim on your Life Insurance policy from any future gangster in the same round, policies do not extend into new rounds.