Life Insurance

Gangster Nation Guide

Life Insurance enables you to reclaim some of your assets after being killed.

How it works

Life Insurance policies work on a percentage system. For example, a 50% policy gives you the opportunity to claim back half of your insured assets. The following assets are covered:

As an example, suppose you were killed at Level 20 with $10,000,000 and 30,000 bullets, on a 50% Life Insurance policy you would be able to claim: Level 10, $5,000,000 and 15,000 bullets (assuming no bullets were shot in backfire). Additionally, if you had a 50% chance of stealing a certain vehicle on the Vehicle Theft screen, your insured chance would be 25%.

You cannot claim against Life Insurance if you commit suicide or if you’re admin killed for breaking the game rules.

Free policy

All gangsters benefit from a free Life Insurance policy, although most serious players will upgrade this to a paid policy (see below).

If you were active within the day before being killed, you have a free 50% policy.

If you were active within the week before being killed, you have a free 40% policy.

If you don’t fit either of the above criteria, you have a free 20% policy.

Buying a policy

You can upgrade from the free policy for a higher percentage of protection. Paid policies are purchased in one week blocks at the following prices:


You can extend your policy for one week at any time, or cancel and take out a different policy. You will receive an alert 24 hours before your policy expires to remind you to extend the policy if required.

Making a claim

If you’re killed while insured, just create your new gangster as normal. Then navigate to the Make Claim tab of the Life Insurance screen to claim against your previous insurance policy.

Any money or bullets claimed will be added to your existing balances. However your level number and Vehicle Theft chances will only be boosted to the insured amounts. For example if you’re insured for Level 20 but have already reached Level 5 before claiming against your insurance, you’ll still only become Level 20 (not Level 25).

You can claim on your Life Insurance policy from any future gangster in the same round, policies do not extend into new rounds.