Frequently Asked Questions

Gangster Nation Guide

These are the most common questions asked on the game.

How do I kill someone?

It’s expensive and time consuming to kill someone but the brief steps are:

  1. Locate your target using Detectives.
  2. Travel to your target’s location at the Airport.
  3. Shoot at your target on the Open Fire screen.

How do I join a family?

You must be invited by an existing member to join a family. You could ask around for an invite but this is a quick way to get blocked by many players. The best way to join a family is to play the game, make friends and wait for your invite to come naturally. Remember, as you level up and become more experienced, you will become a more desireable family member.

How do I start a family?

To start a family, go to the All Families screen, then scroll to the bottom. Note that you must be Level 14 and have $2,000,000 to start a family, although there will be additional costs to running your family.

How can I contact a game administrator or developer?

Just open a Help Request.

When does the round end?

A round will usually end on Day 112 but you’ll receive an alert to confirm when a round is ending 2 weeks before the finalised end date.