Gangster Nation Guide

The Extortion feature enables gangsters to take money from each other.

Standard Extortion

To extort someone, you can choose the target yourself or, as most people do, use the “Random Target” option. If successful, you’ll extort the target for a portion of the cash they have on hand, gaining this for yourself. The target will receive an alert informing them of the extortion, there’s a 5050 chance of the alert sharing your identity with the target.

Bank Extortion

Level 50’s have an extra perk - Bank Extortion. Ticking the “Bank Extortion” option as a Level 50 will give you access to the target’s bank account funds rather than their cash balance. However, there are some important differences when making a bank extortion:

Protecting your money

To protect yourself from standard extortions, you just need to keep your money in the bank. You should only have money out of the bank when you’re spending it immediately.

To prevent the chance of you becoming the victim of a bank extortion, don’t keep unusually large amounts of cash in your bank (this makes up part of your “wealth rank” on your profile). Should you become the victim of bank extortion, you can consider moving money into other places such as a savings account, your family bank or invested in other assets such as credits or bullets (which can always be sold for cash again in future).


The Extorter accolade can be earned through Extortion.