Credit Store

Gangster Nation Guide

To support the development of Gangster Nation and keep the game ad-free, we offer "credits" which can be bought using real currency and enable you to purchase premium upgrades within the game.


You can spend your credits in the store. To check your current balance, either swipe the black stats bar (mobile) or look in the header area (computer).


Bulk Bullets (6 Credits)

Let's you buy a maximum 300 bullets per minute for 30 purchases.

Double XP (5 Credits)

Earn double level points for 30 minutes.

Vehicle Theft Bonus Searches (5 Credits)

Gain 30 bonus Vehicle Theft Searches.

Scratch & Win Cards (12 Credits)

Gain 50 bonus Scratch & Win cards.

Extortion Protection (5 Credits)

Protects you from being extorted for 12 hours.

Remove Protection (10 Credits)

Removes your protection so you can shoot other gangsters immediately.

Certified Gangster

You can upgrade to Certified Gangster to gain a growing package of benefits, currently:

The cost is 12 Credits per week. You can extend within 24 hours of your subscription expiring and you'll receive an alert if your subscription expires.

Death and new rounds

Your Certified Gangster upgrade remains active even when you die or a new round starts.

Change Username (15 Credits)

You can change your name at any time using credits. This won't hide your identity because although you have a new name there are various ways to see you're the same person, such as your respect count or ranking position. To hide your identity you must commit suicide and create a new gangster. You can use a name you've already used this round, the existing gangster will be automatically renamed.

Other uses

You can also use credits on the following screens:

Buy Credits

You can buy your own credits on the Buy Credits tab. By purchasing credits you're helping to fund the game and keep it ad-free.

If you would prefer not to buy credits using real currency, you can buy credits from other players in the Auction House.