Credit Store

Gangster Nation Guide

Gangster Nation offers the purchase of “credits”, a premium in-game currency which can primarily be spent in the “Credit Store” section of the game.


You can use your credits to buy perks which can help your character within the game. The perks available are shown below along with what they do and their price.

$100k Cash

1 Credit

Adds $100K to your cash balance.

100 Bullets

1 Credit

Gives you 100 bullets.

5 Prison Bribes

1 Credit

Gives you 5 prison bribes.

Bulk Bullets

6 Credits

Let’s you buy a maximum 300 bullets per minute for 30 purchases.

Refill Scratch & Win

12 Credits

Gives you all your Scratch & Win cards back for your current level.

Safe Assist

5 Credits

Gives you a higher or lower hint every attempt for Crack the Safe for 24 hours.

Extortion Protection

5 Credits

Protects you from being extorted for 24 hours.

Vehicle Theft Bonus Reloads

5 Credits

Gain 20 bonus Vehicle Theft Reloads. Can be purchased up to 3 times per game day.

Busting Steroids

5 Credits

Reduces your prison busting wait time by 5 seconds for 50 attempts.

Remove Protection

10 Credits

Removes your protection so you can shoot other gangsters.

Change Username

15 Credits

Let’s you change your username to any available name.

Drop Level

15 Credits

Let’s you drop to any level. You must be level 40 or higher to use this perk.

Getting credits

You can buy credits from the Credit Store Get Credits tab. You can also be transferred credits from other gangsters as well as win them from RPS, Scratch & Wins and auctions.

Transferring credits

You can transfer credits to other gangster via the Transfer tab however you should only use this if you are sending credits as a gift. If you want to sell credits you should do so via the Auction House. Scamming is not against the rules and if you are scammed for credits we will not be able to refund you.