Crack the Safe

Gangster Nation Guide

To crack the safe you must guess, or work out, the correct 4 digit safe combination. The amount in the safe is growing every second until cracked, so the payout can end up being quite big.

How it works

Each city has a safe with a balance which grows over time. To crack the safe, you need to guess a code between 0000 and 9999. You have a 50/50 chance of receiving a clue which can be "Try higher" or "Try lower" to help reduce the number of possible codes. Everyone in the same city is trying to crack the same safe, then whoever cracks it takes the money and the balance resets to $0.

Level points

Failed attempt: 1 level point

Successful attempt: 3 level points plus one point for every $50k stolen

Wait timer

The wait time is normally 5 minutes but 15 minutes after a successful crack.

Keeping track of clues

If you're a Certified Gangster, you'll see the range of valid codes on the screen based on the clues received previously for this safe.

If you're not a Certified Gangster, you'll see your last 5 attempts on the screen along with an arrow indicating whether you received a clue to try higher or try lower. You can use a note taking app to keep track of the possible range of codes.


A tip on Crack The Safe would be to work on the same safe with friends or family, sharing your clues, then splitting the amount between yourselves if one of you cracks it.

Safe assist

There's a perk named Safe Assist which gives you clues on every attempt for a period of time. This can be found in the Black Market and as the first weekly special of a round in the Credit Store.


The Safe Cracker accolade can be earned through Crack The Safe.