Crack the Safe

Gangster Nation Guide

To crack the safe you must guess, or work out, the correct 4 digit safe combination. The amount in the safe is growing every second until cracked, so the payout can end up being quite big.

How it works

When trying to crack the safe you must guess a 4 number combination ranging from 0000 to 9999. If you guess correctly you will receive whatever is in the safe at that moment in time. If you guess incorrectly you might be told whether you need to guess higher or lower which can help you in your future attempts. The chance of being told whether you need to go higher or lower is fixed at 50%. The only way you can guarantee getting a clue is by buying the Safe Assit perk (see below).

Each city has a safe and once the safe in a city is cracked, it’s value goes to 0 and then begins to build back up with time. You can travel between states to crack different safes if you want and you can also coordinate with friends to try and figure out the correct combination.

On the safe you can see your last 5 attempts on that specific safe and if you were given a clue you can see whether the combination is higher or lower than the attempt.


The payout you get for successfully cracking the safe depends on what is in it at the time of the crack. The money in the safe increases as time goes on, so the longer it is left uncracked, the more money there is to receive. The rules change in Deathmatch though where the rate of increase increases - it’s not uncommon to get $3m on a single crack!

Level points

Failed attempt: 1 level point

Successful attempt: 3 level points plus one point for every $50k stolen

Wait timer

The wait time is normally 5 minutes but 10 minutes after a successful crack.

Safe assist

You can buy the Safe Assist perk from the Credit Store which gives you clues (up or down) for every attempt on Crack The Safe for 24 hours.


The Safe Cracker accolade can be earned through Crack The Safe.