Bullet Store

Gangster Nation Guide

In each city within Gangster Nation exists a Bullet Store. The store in each city refills itself every hour on the dot. There are a limited supply so be sure to act quickly! You can purchase up to 100 bullets each minute.

Bullet prices

The price per bullet changes in each of the stores at midnight every day and it is randomly generated between $100 and $200. If you are in the same family as the bullet store protector then you will receive a 25% discount.

You can view the price per bullet of all bullet stores on the Statistics tab.

Bullet refills

Bullet stores are refilled every hour, on the hour (e.g. 7:00pm, 8:00pm, etc). The number of bullets each store receives is based on the number of gangsters online, so when the game is busier the number of bullets available increases allowing everyone to still buy bullets.

Store protection

Bullet stores each have a protector as part of the property system. The store protector and anyone in the same family will receive a 25% discount on the bullet price at that store. You can view who is the protector for the bullet store you are at by heading to the Property page.

Bulk Bullets

As standard, you can purchase up to 100 bullets each minute. However this can be increased to 300 bullets each minute using the "Bulk Bullets" perk.

When this perk is active, the prefilled purchase amount will also increase to 300, providing the store has at least 300 bullets in stock.

You can buy the "Bulk Bullets" perk from the Credit Store.