Black Market

Gangster Nation Guide

The Black Market is place to buy and sell all things illegal on Gangster Nation. You can buy perks, buy Prison Bribes and sell drugs.


A perk gives you a special advantage in a specific area of the game.

Buying perks

To buy a perk, go to the Black Market and ask to see what the dealer has. You’ll be be presented with a few options, if you don’t want anything you can cancel the purchase at the bottom of the screen. There is an 18 hour wait between purchases, even if you decide not to buy anything.

You can view and manage any perks bought using the Perk Inventory screen.

Mystery Perk

The Mystery Perk option enables you to buy another random unknown perk for a fixed price of $400,000. This could turn out to be poor value or good value, so you should only buy the Mystery Perk if you’re prepared to take a gamble.

Available perks

You can find a list of perks in the game on the perks page. Note that not all perks are sold in the Black Market (for example some are exclusive to the Credit Store).

Prison Bribes

A Prison Bribe enables you to leave prison instantly without waiting for the timer to expire or for someone to bust you out. You can buy up to 10 prison bribes each hour at $15,000 each.


For now, the only way you can obtain drugs in Gangster Nation is through Police Chase. After successfully earning yourself a cut of Butchie’s stash, you can come to the Black Market to sell your drugs.

When visiting the Black Market you’re given a list of prices for each drug in the game. The prices are unique to your current city and the same for everyone in the same city at that exact point in time, however the prices are constantly changing based on demand (more drugs being sold will reduce the demand and therefore the price). For this reason, the prices you see are only valid for either 30 seconds or until you sell one unit, whichever comes first, then the prices change.

To maximise your earnings from drugs you should consider the following: