Black Market

Gangster Nation Guide

The Black Market sells various assets and upgrades, you can find a list of what’s available on this page. Any inventory item bought in the Black Market is non-transferable except for the Daily Special.


Daily Special

The Daily Special offers a choice between two random perks and a third option, the “Mystery Perk”. The “Mystery Perk” option enables you to buy another unknown perk for a fixed price of $400,000. The Mystery Perk could turn out to be poor value or good value, so you should only use this option if you’re happy to take a gamble. Perks bought in the Daily Special will appear in your inventory and are transferable.

Prison Bribes

You can buy 10 Prison Pribes once per hour for $150k. Each prison bribe will enable you to leave prison immediately.

Firearm upgrade

You should always upgrade to the latest firearm when one is available in the Black Market. This gives you a better chance of survival in a shoot out, whether you shoot on someone else or they open fire on you.

The firearms available are:

Garage upgrade

The garage upgrade enables you to increase the maximum amount of vehicles your garage can hold. You can upgrade in 5 car steps with each upgrade costing more than the previous. The largest garage you can have is 100 vehicles.

Vehicle crusher upgrade

The vehicle crusher upgrade enables you to increase the maximum amount of vehicles you can crush in your-garage each hour. Each upgrade costs $500k. You upgrade once for every 5 levels, up to a maximum limit of 10 vehicles per hour.

30 x Petrol Bomb

You can use petrol bombs to attack properties which reduces their security strength.

1h x Safe Assist

Receive a clue (“Try higher” or “Try lower”) on every Crack The Safe attempt for an hour. Can be purchased once every 3 days.

30m x Family Double XP

You and all members of your family have Double XP for 30 minutes. This item requires a Prestige Token to purchase, a Prestige Token is gained for each prestige level reached.