Armed Robbery

Gangster Nation Guide

The Armed Robbery crime lets you choose a weapon to use and a place to rob. The weapon you choose affects the success chance of the crime whilst the place affects the waiting time and payout.

How it works

You need to choose a weapon to attempt the robbery with. The Knife is the only free weapon you can choose, but it’s success chance is also the lowest at 10%. You can pick from the following weapons:

  1. Kitchen Knife - Free - 10%
  2. Air Rifle - $4,000 - 15%
  3. Shotgun - $16,000 - 20%
  4. Revolver - $36,000 - 25%
  5. Semi-Auto Pistol - $64,000 - 30%
  6. Machine Gun - $100,000 - 35%

You must also choose a place to rob. You start the game with only one place unlocked at Level 1 and then unlock the next place every 5 levels with the final place unlocked at Level 25.

The wait time begins at 4 minutes for the 1st place and then increases by 2 minutes with every subsequent place. This means that the final place you can rob has a wait time of 14 minutes.

The places you can rob are as follows:

Place NameLevel UnlockedWait TimeMinimum PayoutMaximum Payout
Corner Shop14 Minutes$5,000$10,000
Clothes Store56 Minutes$20,000$40,000
Supermarket108 Minutes$45,000$90,000
Gas Station1510 Minutes$80,000$160,000
Electronics Store2012 Minutes$125,000$250,000
Jewellers2514 Minutes$180,000$360,000

Level points

The level points you receive is dependent on the weapon you choose and whether you pass.

WeaponPass Level PointsFail Level Points
Kitchen Knife1-20-1
Air Rifle2-40-2
Semi-Auto Pistol5-100-5
Machine Gun6-120-6

Wait timer

The wait time is dependent on the place you choose to rob and is shown in the table above.