Armed Robbery

Gangster Nation Guide

The Armed Robbery crime lets you choose a weapon to use and a place to rob. The weapon you choose affects the success chance of the crime whilst the place affects the waiting time and payout.

How it works

You need to choose a weapon to attempt the robbery with. The Knife is the only free weapon you can choose, but it’s success chance is also the lowest at 10%. You can pick from the following weapons:

  1. Kitchen Knife - Free - 10%
  2. Air Rifle - $4,000 - 15%
  3. Shotgun - $16,000 - 20%
  4. Revolver - $36,000 - 25%
  5. Semi-Auto Pistol - $64,000 - 30%
  6. Machine Gun - $100,000 - 35%

You must also choose a place to rob. You start the game with only one place unlocked at Level 1 and then unlock the next place every 5 levels with the final place unlocked at Level 25.

The wait time begins at 4 minutes for the 1st place and then increases by 2 minutes with every subsequent place. This means that the final place you can rob has a wait time of 14 minutes.

The places you can rob are as follows:

Place Name Level Unlocked Wait Time Minimum Payout Maximum Payout
Corner Shop 1 4 Minutes $5,000 $10,000
Clothes Store 5 6 Minutes $20,000 $40,000
Supermarket 10 8 Minutes $45,000 $90,000
Gas Station 15 10 Minutes $80,000 $160,000
Electronics Store 20 12 Minutes $125,000 $250,000
Jewellers 25 14 Minutes $180,000 $360,000

Level points

The level points you receive is dependent on the weapon you choose. The level points you receive is between the number of the weapon selected (as listed above) and the number of the weapon multiplied by 2. For example, if you use the Kitchen Knife you will receive either 1 or 2 points. If you use the machine gun, you will receive between 6 and 12 points.

Wait timer

The wait time is dependent on the place you choose to rob and is shown in the table above. The reset timer for Armed Robberies is fixed at 4 credits.