Gangster Nation Guide

Gangster Nation is a free multi-player strategy game. You can play from any mobile, tablet or laptop. It’s simple to get started with the game but soon you’ll find yourself immersed in a world of families, politics and wars.


Your main progress in the game is determined by your level. There are 50 levels in the game with each one becoming more difficult as you level up. You can view your current level and progress as a percentage in the stats bar.

Each level is represented by a certain number of levels points (also called XP) which you must earn to complete the level. Level points are earned by attempting various crimes and tasks, mainly those found under the “Crime Scene” menu. You can view your total level points in the “Overview” window.

See the Levels page for details on each level.


You will also earn money for completing crimes successfully and through other means such as winning on Scratch & Win.

You have two main money balances which are shown in your stats bar, a cash balance and a bank balance - all money is spent from your cash balance. Your cash is at risk of extortion from other players while money in the bank is generally safe. You should therefore keep money in the bank and only withdraw to spend.

The range of your cash/bank balance is shown to other players on your profile. If you have too much money (many millions of dollars), you might become a target for others to shoot at. You should invest your money in other assets such as bullets to avoid becoming a target.


Bullets are the most important asset on Gangster Nation because without them you can be easily killed. You can view your bullet count in the stats bar.

Never share your bullet count with anyone. It’s much easier for someone to kill you if they know your bullet count. Even if you think you can trust someone, you should give them a false figure.

Never send bullets to someone in return for protection. Nobody can protect you from being killed and by sending bullets to someone else you’re only weakening yourself. Never give bullets away, always concentrate on stocking bullets.

The main ways to stock bullets are:

You should aim to stock as many bullets as possible. Good players will stock over 100,000 bullets while the best players will stock over 1,000,000 bullets.


You can kill or be killed on Gangster Nation but it’s not easy to kill someone. If you are killed, you’ll have to start again but you can insure some of your assets using Life Insurance.

As a new player you start with 5 days protection, during this time you can’t be killed. Follow these tips to stay alive much longer than 5 days:

  1. Stock as many bullets as you can.
  2. Upgrade your firearm when available (you can do this from the Black Market).
  3. Don’t make enemies to begin with, you won’t be shot at unless you give someone a reason to.
  4. Purchase Life Insurance just before your protection ends.

Once you’re more experienced, you can learn about shooting someone from the Shooting screen.


A family is a group of gangsters working together with common goals, primarily to protect each other and earn money together.

To join a family, you must be invited. You can ask existing members of a family for an invite but this is more likely to annoy people. The best way to find your way into a family is to make friends and eventually, as you level up, a friend will probably get you an invite to their family.

You should never pay anyone to join a family, this is a common scam.

You can start your own family but this is expensive and as a new player you’re likely to be killed just for the sake of your killer being able to claim they “dropped” a family. You can read more about starting families on the All Families page.


To keep the game fresh and competitive, Gangster Nation runs in rounds. Each round lasts about 4 months and you’ll receive an alert in-game 2 weeks before the current round ends. A new round is a complete fresh start to the game, everything is reset and nothing carries over into a new round. This gives all players (both new and experienced) a chance to compete for the top spot and achieve new goals.


Credits are Gangster Nation’s premium currency. You can purchase credits through the Credit Store to support the game and then spend them on various upgrades. You don’t have to purchase credits to enjoy the game, most players don’t purchase credits. You can also buy credits from other players in the Auction House.


There are no rules against scamming.

You can securely buy and sell assets through:

If you trade outside of these places, you risk being scammed. The only reason you should need to trade outside of these places is when buying or selling Mentoring, for which you’re recommended to only trade with friends and family.