The Lotto

Gangster Nation Guide

There are two types of lottos on Gangster Nation - the Cash Lotto and the Bullet Lotto. You can take part in both these lottos from The Lotto screen where you will see when the next lotto for cash & bullets are. If you want to get tickets to the cash lotto you must use cash to buy them, if you want tickets to the bullets lotto you must use bullets. It costs $1/1 bullet per ticket and you can view your chance of winning for each lotto from the Play tab.


The draw takes place at 8PM game time every day and alternates between Cash & Bullets.

The jackpot can be seen on The Lotto screen and is 80% of the number of tickets bought. For example, $100m tickets bought for the cash lotto would result in a $80m jackpot.

Tickets are drawn at random to select 3 winners, the jackpot is then split between these 3 winners as so: The 1st winner takes 50%, the 2nd winner takes 30% and the 3rd winner takes 20%.

After winning the lotto, you can’t enter the following 3 draws of the same type.


The Statistics screen shows the results of recent lotto draws and the largest lotto jackpots. You can also view your personal record which shows how many draws you have entered and your statistics such as average chance and total profit.


The Lotto Winner accolade can be won through The Lotto.