Small Crimes

Gangster Nation Guide

Small Crimes are often the first task you come across when playing Gangster Nation. This task has one of the smallest timers and due to the small payout is most useful for gaining level points. To play, you simply have to click one of the crimes to attempt it, you will then either fail the crime or pass it and gain some money.


Crime Earnings Level points
1 $50 1
2 $100 1
3 $150 1
4 $200 1
5 $250 1
6 $300 1-2
7 $350 1-2
8 $400 1-2
9 $450 1-2
10 $500 1-2

Success chance

Your chance of completing a crime is represented by the green bar and percentage figure on each button. Your chance increases with each attempt but every crime is more difficult than the previous, with later crimes requiring multiple attempts for each 1% of success chance gained.

Level points

If you're successful, you'll gain the number of level points in the table above. If you're unsuccessful, you'll always gain 1 level point.

Wait timer

The wait timer is always 30 seconds. This makes Small Crimes useful for gaining level points and, in the long run, you can gain lots of bonus money.


The Small Time accolade can be earned through Small Crimes.


Your Small Crimes rank is based on the amount of money you've earned.