Small Crimes

Gangster Nation Guide

Small Crimes are often the first task you come across when playing Gangster Nation. This task has one of the smallest timers and due to the small payout is most useful for gaining level points. To play, you simply have to click one of the crimes to attempt it, you will then either fail the crime or pass it and gain some money.

Pass chance

Each crime has a chance of passing which is indicated by the green bar and percentage figure. The chance of passing a crime increases each time you attempt it. You should keep attempting a crime until your chance is 100%, allowing you to gain extra money on every attempt.

Note that once you reach a 100% pass chance on one crime, the next one will unlock. However, each crime becomes more difficult than the previous one. For later crimes, you will have to make multiple attempts for each 1% gained on the pass chance.


The payout from Small Crimes is under $1k, nothing to get excited about. The benefit comes from being able to gain level points, any good player will still attempt Small Crimes as often as possible.

Wait timer

The wait timer on Small Crimes is always 30 seconds, so you can see why it’s important to attempt these as often as possible in order to gain level points.


The Small Time accolade can be earned through Small Crimes.