Gangster Nation Guide

Mentoring is an action between two players, it occurs by one player mentoring another player. The recipient of the mentoring session gains level points, which helps the recipient progress through the levels more quickly. As being mentored is beneficial to the recipient, it’s common for mentoring to be sold. Alternatively players often trade mentoring or mentor their friends and family for free.

How it works

To mentor someone, simply enter their name and click the Mentor button. The recipient will gain some level points and receive an alert to inform them of this, including your name. The amount of level points received by the recipient can vary but increases as the sender’s level increases.

If you don’t want to receive mentoring from random people (for example if you want to level at your own pace to concentrate on stocking bullets), there’s an option on the Preferences screen to only accept mentoring from friends.

Charging for mentoring

It’s common for players to sell mentoring to each other. This is normally done on a “cost per point” basis, meaning the recipient pays a certain amount of money for each level point received. For example if someone advertises mentoring at $10kpp, this means $10,000 ($10k) per level point (pp).

To save having to pull your calculator out, the “Cost Per Point” amount can be entered when sending a mentor. If this is entered, the amount of money due will be calculated and shown to both parties, however this doesn’t guarantee the recipient will transfer the requested funds.

Remember to be careful when buying or selling mentoring, there’s plenty of scammers out there. If possible you should always trade with trusted friends and family to avoid being scammed.


Mentoring from a prestige gangster includes bullets. The amount of bullets is based on their prestige level number, 100 bullets per level (e.g. Prestige 1: 100 Bullets, Prestige 2: 200 Bullets, etc).

Wait timer

The timer on mentoring varies between 2 and 6 hours. There is no timer on receiving mentoring.


The Expert accolade can be earned through mentoring other gangsters.