Gangster Nation Guide

Contests are a form of competition between gangsters where you can win prizes.


Daily Contest

The Daily Contest runs each day for 24 hours from 7pm.

Type: Random from those documented below

Place Prize
1st $1,000,000
2nd $500,000
3rd $250,000
4th $100,000
5th $100,000

Weekly Contest

The Weekly Contest runs for 7 days, starting every Sunday at 10 PM. You’ll receive an alert reminding you to join if you haven’t joined 12 hours before the start time.

Type: Level Points

Place Prize
1st 50 Hustle Coins
2nd 40 Hustle Coins
3rd 30 Hustle Coins
4th 20 Hustle Coins
5th 10 Hustle Coins
6th 10 Hustle Coins
7th 10 Hustle Coins
8th 10 Hustle Coins
9th 10 Hustle Coins
10th 10 Hustle Coins

Double XP

The Double XP contest runs during every Double XP special event.

Type: Level Points

Place Prize
1st 50 Credits
2nd 40 Credits
3rd 30 Credits
4th 20 Credits
5th 10 Credits
6th 5 Credits
7th 5 Credits
8th 5 Credits
9th 5 Credits
10th 5 Credits


Level Points

Your goal is to earn as many level points as possible. All level points are eligible except those gained from Mentoring or Life Insurance.

Vehicle Thefts

Your goal is to steal as many vehicles as possible via Vehicle Theft.

Prison Busts

Your goal is to bust as many inmates out of prison as possible via Prison Busting.

Bomb Defusals

Your goal is to defuse as many bombs as possible via Bomb Defusal.

Police Chase

Your goal is to earn as many drug units from Police Chase as possible.

Automatically join contests

There’s a setting you can enable to automatically join contests.

When this setting is enabled, you’ll be joined to contests when they’re scheduled providing you’re alive at the time the contest is scheduled and have been active in the previous 24 hours.

If you die after the contest is scheduled, you’ll need to join again manually.

The Settings screen can be found at the bottom of the main menu (on desktop) or in the top right menu (on mobile).


Are dead participants eligible to win?

No, if you die you’re excluded.


The Contest Winner accolade can be earned through Contests.

Contest Winner