Gangster Nation Guide

Contests is a feature which lets you race against other gangsters to earn level points. Any gangster can start a contest, either a public contest which anyone can join or a private one.

The main parts of a contest are:


The list screen shows contests waiting to start, contests which are in progress and recently completed contests. You will only see public contests or private ones which you’ve been invited to.


If you select “Details” next to a contest on the “List” screen, you’ll be taken to the contest view screen.

This screen shows various pieces of information about a contest, such as the host, start time, duration. It also shows the participants who have join and their current number of level points.

As a guest to a contest, you have the option to join the contest, this will require you to pay the wager if there is one. You can also then leave the contest and have your full wager refunded. You can only join or leave a contest up to 5 minutes before it starts, after this time you will no longer be able to join or leave.

As the host of a contest, you have the option to invite a member (if the contest is private) or close the contest. You cannot invite new members or close a contest if there is less than 15 minutes until it begins. If you close the contest, your bonus prize will be refunded and all participant wagers will be refunded.


On this screen you can create your own contest.

You can choose to create a private or public contest, a private contest will require you to invite participants whereas a public contest anybody can join.

Any contest created must end no later than 1 day before the current round ends.

You can only have one contest open at a time.

Note that contest wagers and bonus prizes are subject to tax (20% for money and 40% for bullets).


Are all level points counted towards contests?

No, any level points gained from Mentoring or Life Insurance do not count towards your contest gains.

What happens if nobody joins?

A contest with 0 participants (excluding the host) will end at the start time. You are advised to close your contest before it begins if you cannot find any participants to join.

Are dead participants eligible to win?

No, if you die you cannot win and your wager is lost.

What happens if all participants die?

If all participants die, there won’t be a winner.

Special contests

Special contests are game initiated contests, the host appears as Butchie for these contests.

Weekly Contest

The Weekly Contest runs for 7 days, starting every Sunday at 10 PM. You will receive an alert inviting you to join every Thursday, with a further reminder to join 12 hours before the contest begins if you haven’t already joined.

There is no wager required to join the Weekly Contest and there are 10 prizes:

  1. $3,000,000
  2. $2,000,000
  3. $1,000,000
  4. $750,000
  5. $750,000
  6. $500,000
  7. $500,000
  8. $500,000
  9. $500,000
  10. $500,000

The top 3 winners will also gain the Weekly Contest accolade (Gold for 1st place, Silver for 2nd place and Bronze for 3rd place).