Gangster Nation Guide

Blackjack on Gangster Nation is also know as Twenty-One. It’s you versus the dealer and whoever gets closest to 21 first will win. You and the dealer will both start with 2 cards and you will be able to see their first one. After this you can either choose to hit or stand. If you hit you will receive another card and if you stand you won’t. Whoever gets to 21 first will win. If neither you or the dealer get to 21 then whoever is closest and lower than 21 will win. If you or the dealer end up with more than 21 at any point then it is called going bust and will result in that player losing.

The dealer will always stand when they have a total value of 17 or more and hit if they don’t.

Cards are dealt randomly and the numbers are as they are on the cards. The Jack, Queen & King cards all have a value of 10 whilst the Ace card can either be 1 or 11 - the game will figure out which is best for your current situation and swap it whenever necessary.

Making Bets

The maximum bet you can place depends on the city you’re in. Each city has its maximum bet set randomly at the start of each game day. The minimum bet is roughly 5% of the maximum bet. Should you win, you will receive your bet back and $1 for every $1 you put in. If you lose, you will lose your entire bet. Once a game is finished you can repeat your bet with one click or make a new one.


Blackjack tables have protectors. The protector can collect 10% of all profit made on a blackjack table from the day before. If the table makes a loss the profit collected will be $0. The protector does not lose money if their blackjack table makes a loss.