Gangster Nation User Agreement

All Gangster Nation players are bound to the terms of this User Agreement. Breaking the User Agreement may result in your account being limited or banned from the game.

Gangster Nation is published by Gangster Nation Ltd, a company registered in England & Wales with number 07657496. Registered office address: Unit 10, 80 Lytham Road, Fulwood, Preston, PR2 3AQ.

Please note Gangster Nation's registered office address is a legal address which must not be used for general correspondence. Gangster Nation staff do not have any physical presence at this address.

Last updated: 6th September 2019

1. General

1.1 Bugs

Any bug, exploit or security issue must be reported immediately via the Help Request system.

1.2 Account transfers

You are not permitted to transfer or sell your Gangster Nation account, or its assets (e.g. credits, bullets), to others for real life currency.

1.3 Third party links

Gangster Nation is not responsible for the content of websites linked to from this website. You should exercise caution before visiting a link posted by another player on Gangster Nation.

2. Cheating

If you are found to be cheating your account will be admin killed or banned without warning.

For avoidance of doubt, claiming to be cheating may be considered a breach of these terms even if no further evidence is found (e.g. telling other players that you have multiple accounts).

2.1 Automation

You must not use automation to play or extract data from the game (e.g. auto clickers or macros).

2.2 Multiple accounts

You must not create or use more than one account for any reason.

2.3 Account sharing

You must not allow others to access your account (intentionally or through negligence).

2.4 Multiple devices

You must not play the game from two devices simultaneously.

2.5 Shared networks and devices

Sharing a device or network with another player is permitted however you may be blocked from certain interactions (e.g. transferring money). If you're blocked from interacting with another player, you must not evade the interaction block (e.g. by using a VPN or transferring via another player).

3. Communication

Gangster Nation includes various communication features such as chat, messaging and profile content. The following rules must be followed when using these features, failure to follow these rules may result in you being banned from using communication features without warning. Serious or repeat breaches may result in you being banned from Gangster Nation.

3.1 Inappropriate content

Do not post adult content (e.g. pornography or nude photos).

Do not post gore content, such as images of graphic violence.

Do not post content which celebrates or makes light of terrorist attacks, atrocities, natural disasters or other tragic events.

3.2 Racial slurs and hate speech

Do not post racial slurs.

Do not post content which discriminates against others based on race, ethnic origin, religion, disability, nationality or sexual orientation.

3.3 Personal information

Do not post, or threaten to post, someone else's personal information (e.g. full name, phone number, social media links or photos).

Do not post serious real life allegations (e.g. implying someone is a paedophile); such an allegation should be reported to the police and, if necessary, via the in-game Help Request system.

Do not post links which are designed to trick a user into capturing personal details.

3.4 Violence and self-harm

Do not post threats of real life violence or stalking.

Do not post content which promotes self-harm or real life suicide.

3.5 General

Do not evade automatic content filtering (e.g. word or image filters).

Do not spam or flood.

4. Payments and credits

Gangster Nation offers the purchase of "credits", a premium in-game currency which can primarily be spent in the "Credit Store" section of the game. By purchasing credits you agree to the following terms.

4.1 Delivery

Credits are delivered automatically to your account immediately upon your payment being cleared. The delivery may occasionally be delayed due to a software bug or reasons outside of Gangster Nation's control. If you have not received your credits after your payment has cleared, please open a Help Request from within your game account.

4.2 Expiration

At the end of each game round, all credits expire and your balance is reset to zero. Each game round lasts roughly 112 days, you can view the current round day number from within the game.

At the sole discretion of the Gangster Nation staff, you may be eligible to carry credits purchased with real world currency into a new round on request. Any consumed credits (e.g. credits cycled through game features such as "RPS") are not eligible.

4.3 Refunds

Refunds are not offered for any credit purchases. In some circumstances Gangster Nation may offer you a refund at the sole discretion of its staff.

4.4 Chargebacks

If a purchase made against your account is subject to a chargeback or dispute (e.g. due to the use of a stolen credit card), the amount of purchased credits will be deducted from your balance, previous purchases may be refunded and you may be banned from Gangster Nation.

5. Administration

5.1 Help requests

Gangster Nation offers a Help Request system to contact the game administrators. An effort is made to respond to most requests within 24 hours although a response time cannot be guaranteed.

All communications must be made in a respectful manner, any abusive language may result in your account being blocked from the Help Request system.

5.2 Special requests

In rare cases, an administrator may ask you to refrain from a certain behaviour not specifically covered in this User Agreement. In such a case you must follow the administrator's direction, failure to do so may result in your account being banned.

5.3 Administrator discretion

The game administrators will use their discretion to deal with all breaches of the User Agreement, taking into account all details of the situation and the history of the player(s) involved.