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Lose the police for a cut of the drugs Loot items to use later Complete missions for mob boss Butchie Join friends to attempt heists Collect and then sell drugs Use clues to defuse the bomb and earn a fee Deal with traders on the Black Market Commit crimes to keep cash coming in

Gangster Nation is an online text-based gangster game. The game is available to play for free on desktop or mobile from any web browser, or from one of our mobile apps.

The game launched in 2005 during the original era of online mafia games and has since continuously evolved with updates every month, including three complete redevelopments and a full expansion to mobile. We remain committed with continued development today.

In Gangster Nation you attempt various crimes to gain experience and work your way through the levels, competing on prestige, rank amongst fellow gangsters and ultimately life or death. You can steal cars, obtain perks to boost your capabilities, invest in stocks, deal drugs, create families (gangs), loot items to use later, attempt heists, shoot at each other and more. Aside from this, we have a thriving community to entertain you further. You can read more about the game in our official game guide or begin playing now, for free, using the buttons below.

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PEGI 18 ESRB Mature