Written by Ronaldodonut


It's one of the most unwanted things in our lives. The thought that a previous action was made poorly. The thought that a period of our life was spent unwisely. We never want it. But we can't avoid it.

If each regret was a brick, I'm sure that by the time our age and number of fingers were the same, a mansion could have been built. That's how many there are.

I look back at all the previous Time articles that I have written and I see those bricks. For every critically acclaimed masterpiece that I have written, there are two pieces that I regret.

These regrets happen because nobody is perfect. No one is capable of getting everything right the first time. Maybe not even the second time. Or the third. But you know, eventually.

If only life was like a video game. That would be great. If we mess up, we could simply go back to a point before that mistake. But unfortunately, it isn't. In this real world, we're bound by the laws of physics and the rules of the space time continuum.

But right now, look around your screen. This isn't the real world, this is This is not just a game, but a world where our wildest dreams come true. In this world, we can visit all the magnificent cities of the United States within hours. We can go from Cleveland, Ohio to New York, New York with the click of a button. We can commit a multitude of crimes with minimal punishment. We have the opportunity to talk with some of the greatest minds that this world has to offer.

GangsterNation isn't just a simple website. It is opportunity, it is all of our wildest dreams assembled into one simple layout.

But like all things, it's not exempt from the power of regret. Mistakes can still happen. In fact, they're happening right now. Look at the online players count. The number is dwindling with every passing season.

Of course when I reclaimed the position of Time's editor, I didn't plan on writing a piece about regrets. In all honesty, I didn't know what I would do. Perhaps a piece about my favorite candies. Or some majestic monster of an article about the greatness of America following it's Independence day just 3 days prior.

Or god forbid, some actual news.

So you know, I asked around for suggestions, and one of them really hit me


The most entertaining, energetic and interesting player with a cat related name in the entire game, calling it boring. My goodness.

What's gonna happen if Kitty leaves?


A big ass brick is gonna fall on our heads, thats what.

And that's not good. I think a large part of GN's falling is the lack of remorse that the game has for our mistakes. So heartless, so relentless.

No room for regret.

Just look at our forum for example. It used to be the pinnacle location for discussion. The Mecca of brilliance. Now? Look at it. It's a wasteland. I see bricks, bricks everywhere. A glass house shattered with bricks.

It's because we can no longer take back and change our mistakes. There is no forum editing like there used to be, no forum editing like every other proper forum in this world. No chance to make up for our mistakes.

Every time we post, we risk regret. Nobody wants to deal with that. We already have our real lives to worry about. This is supposed to be separate from that.

Really, it's time for change. Losing what makes Gangster Nation special will definitely be a huge regret. It's a regret that simply cannot happen. And there's something we can all do about it.

Message Mike today. Put in a help request. Tell him you want forum editing. Time to live our GN lives with no regrets.

The warning for possible regret