Flash and Fish and Scotty

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The Times Brought To You By...
Flash and Fish and A Bit Of Magic From Scotty (cool)


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A celebrity is among us

[06:12:58 PM] <Uunited> I have just been given a roll in eastenders


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Q: Why didn't the skeleton jump of the cliff?

A: because he didn't have the guts 8)

Q: Why didn't the skeleton go to the party?

A: because he had no body to go with ;q


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You Wasted Your Time Reading This


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Would you rather have legs as long as your fingers, or fingers as long as your legs?
Replies from players, in chronological order

"legs as long as my fingers as long as i can fly"

"i would rather have a penis as long as my leg and 0 fingers"

"i'd rather have $20"

"I'm happy with the way they are right now"

"Fingers as long as my legs, of course.
I definitely think having legs as long as our fingers would be more disabling, unless you mean that the finger-sized legs would be strong enough to support us properly etc? Still, I'd think there would be more problems and imagine all of the fun you could have with leg-sized fingers."

"Finger legs"

"Legs as long as my fingers"

"fingers as long as your legs"

"legs as long as my fingers"

Plainy Pressuring Pictures from Pisces

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[04:35:41 PM] <PaRrIsH> no i wont
[04:35:36 PM] <Pisces> you'll put them all over the internet though
[04:34:57 PM] <PaRrIsH> yes
[04:34:52 PM] <Pisces> do they have to be of my penis?
[04:34:43 PM] <Pisces> damn
[04:34:32 PM] <PaRrIsH> you heard
[04:34:23 PM] <Pisces> what
[04:34:16 PM] <PaRrIsH> Penis pictures

Claptain America

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802 claps in 60 seconds

I have no idea what this crap is

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Hi this is the first time i have wrote in the times i hope it was entertaining for you i kept it short and sweet bye.

The END!

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Fish is a Dick, Scotty is a Cunt and Also John has Pikey Connection

If there is any spelling mistakes, message TomJones he's the expert