The Cats Got Creamed

Written by Elayna


JoeyJay on the scene

Written by Elayna

JoeyJay our roving raving reporter was down-town Gnsville on the evening of day 34 GN time reporting on a recent car napping incident, when all hell broke loose. This is a transcript of the events from our brave reporter on the scene in the middle of one of the bloodiest battles we have ever been witness to.

due the the graphic nature of the evening events video of the event is in the hands of the CPD where ChiefWiggum is currently selling it of to Activision to turn it into a shoot-em-out video game.

What we have been able to do is to write up a full and somtimes graphic Transcipt of the night happenings from JoeyJays report.

The Report

Written by Elayna

JoeyJay - "Hi and welcome to GNTV with me JoeyJay, i am reporting live today from Seventh Circle Street down town Gnsville. It is currently 9.30 pm and earlier today our news desk got reports of various cars being stolen from this very street where now all seems quiet and normal.

We was hoping to bring to yo.............................OH MY GOD IS THAT A FUCKING TANK.........................WHAT IS GOING ON.......................THE FUCKING RUSSIANS HAVE INVADED GNSVILLE..............."

unknown voice - "YOU AVE 30 SECONDS TO SURRENDER AND EVACUATE THE BUILDING...30....29....28.....ебать, как он горит"(fuck it fire)

JoeyJay - "Well I'm not sure if you are seeing this correctly but it seems that Solntsevskaya Bratva lead by Greatmoff have just launched an attack on Panthers Elite, there was a massive explosion on the front of the building and the window leading to the Boss SuperioR office has now been replaced with a huge hole.............oh my dear I'm gonna be that a head rolling towards me............ladies and gents i think i can confirm SuperioR has defiantly been killed in the opening attack............i can still hear many gunshots and see flashes of what i can only assume are bullets being fired by both family's at each other."

Chow - (panter Elite member later found dead from self inflicted injuries)Run they are shooting this live.........shit man its all fucked up down there, blood and guts all over the walls.........i seen that T-10 Heavy Tank coming down Seventh circle street and thought it was a parade, then boom they got us good and proper........are you still rolling...........fuck man the troops all come running in from behind the tank with big fucking guns man i was scared to hell dude........but man i got it all on my phone, sorry about the shaking i was scared..........i need to go man find me a new pair of boxers............"

JoeyJay - " Hi all I'm back just watched the footage from Chow's recording on his phone and he has some great stuff. We think we have got what seems to be all of the opening fire fight that lasted a little over 2 ans half mins............we see Greatmoff, Sexydeus, Nikolai, Someone, Bricky and an unidentified person, all heavily armed running into the hole in the front of the building.

As we can see it in order it happens Sexydeus instantly kills Walker before being killed himself by kingdavid. Nikolai runs straight into the back fire from the gun of chaos, who is then taken down by Someone dodging the bullets as he attacks the Panthers. and to finish of the opening attack we see Greatmoff and Bricky capturing and killing KingDavid and what an attack and so well organised"

joeyjay signals cut at this point and heads on into the building to get a close up view of the going ons.

"Hi and welcome back to me JoeyJay i am hear with my cameraman Earth2Kill2 we have moved up into the heart of the battle scene, it is currntly 9.45 and its been quiet now for just over 10 mins, the carnage is everywher i see 7 dead bodys i think there is body parts scatt...................MOVE.........GET DOWN EARTH2...........OI THAT WAS TO FUCKING CLOSE TO US YOU TWAT..............sorry about that EliteRobin from the Panthers just got killed by one of the russians hiding in the shadows, we dont know who he was but it was a bit close for comfort.......ok cut"

"Its now 11.05 and Sean has just failed in his attempt to kill Madcat, all was quiet for over an hour, Solntsevskaya Bratva have left a handful of there trusted members to patrol the area to look for any panther elite members trying to fight back, and some maybe trapped inside the building."

"This is JoeyJay reporting from inside what was the Panthers elite HQ, it is 7am ans its been a long cold night, My camera man earth2kill has been hit by a stray bullet from i can only assume is a random shooter, so i have been alone for a while now. It seems that a few members of PE got together and reformed the family with new Boss and Underboss, Madcat and Swifty with Sweetsins and Earl along side them. I am sure there was other but i havent seen or herd from them so far.
As the night has turned to morning one by one the Russians have been systematicly killing the final members of PE. first i found out iiTag spotted and killed Swifty, and about 30 mins later Currannn saw Earl trying to make a run for it, he didn't get far before Currannn's gun took him out. It was about an hour later the i witnessed person finding madcat hiding in a room to my right, he simple opened the door i heard the sound of 2 pins landing on the floor and the door slamming, at this point i was ducking behind a big old desk. Madcat was confirmed dead after the fire went out about an hour later.
And just as i thought it was all over about 30 mins ago Hawk and Kronic randomly found Sweetsins, they both walked into what was the dining room, now just a bloody mess, where Sweetsins was hiding and waiting, All 3 opened fire and only 1 emerged, Kronic came out after hawk was killed by sweetsins befor he himself managed to kill the last boss standing."

"This is JoeyJay, bloddied, hungry, tired, and .............................."

At this point joey vanished never to be seen again, the camera was handed into the GNTV office by Greatmoff who left a letter of explanation as printed below.

And now over to Greatmoff

Written by Elayna


So I thought as the orchestrator of the war I’d write something up explaining what happened and why.

I am not the most aggressive of players; I prefer to rank and stock and mind my own business. I generally only stick to family chat and PMs. Nonetheless from the start of this round I was weary of PE. My suspicions only grew with the way they spoke to me and others in my family. In the relatively short time this round has been played me and my family were accused of sending PE negative rep and accused of outbidding them anonymously in AH (1 it’s an Auction get over yourselves, 2 when I bid I don’t hide my name).

PE dropped Entrapment after a lone shooter shot at them. They killed Bowan after his account was hacked and used to place a bounty on MadCat. Their level 50’s also wasted no time in taking advantage of their new abilities extorting the banks of iKlunk and Misery. Interestingly PE complains that they were ‘weak’ after already being in ‘a war’ (dropping Entrapment). Yet the war they claim to have been in didn’t elicit any change in their attitudes. Madcat chose to insult me and my family in main chat, Kingdavid chose to extort the bank account of Sexusdeus. In my eyes you can’t just insult other families like that and expect to hide behind claims that you’re weak. This is a game, just because you’re a high level doesn’t mean you get to speak to others and treat them like shit.

I considered shooting on Monday right after they had started on Entrapment, but I was in the process of writing up my final University paper so didn’t have time. Things didn’t quite fall into place on Tuesday either. Wednesday everybody was on at the right time, it was the perfect opportunity to strike. I messaged the shooters with their proposed targets and all of them agreed. I had them wait until I had everyone I needed agreeing to shoot. I then messaged them all to set 3 hour detectives at the same time ensuring that we’d be able to strike at the same time. No one else knew who anyone else was shooting. Everything was handled via PMs to make sure that there was little chance of anything leaking out. 3 hour detectivess would ensure we didn’t have failures, but it risked them turning the tables on us if anything leaked and they set detectives that would return sooner.

As you can see from the results of the war it all went very smoothly. The 5 strongest and highest ranks of PE were dropped (along with their family) inside the space of 2 minutes and 40 seconds. When PE reformed we set detectives off again and dropped them a second time. The time from their first drop to their second drop was 9 hours 3 minutes.

(Oh and if PE think that’s a cowardly move to do to take out all the top ranks to protect the family don’t forget you had all of Entrapment’s top levels killed.)

Day 32, 06:25:02 PM
As a top level gangster, you had a report from one of your associates that Chaos has just had Johnlocated in New York, NY, if you act quickly you could prevent a killing.

PE are quick to cry and scream bloody murder if anyone does anything to them, but more than happy to dish it out to others. I don’t recall them complaining when they broke their word with Bad Girls last round.

The war seems to have been received very well. I have received messages of congratulations both on the efficiency of the operation, and on the targets. I think very few tears were shed for PE last night (Perhaps a few tears of laughter at their crying in main chat.) I’ve received rep points from people in just about every family too.

I’d like to give a few shout outs:

To everyone in my family who shot big thanks to you, nice work guys.

To those few who sacrificed themselves in backfire an extra big thanks to you guys. Your sacrifice wasn’t in vain and you won’t go unrewarded for your efforts.

To the people who helped me with the actual organisation of the war, thank you too. You know who you are and how I feel about the help you gave.

To my inside man inside PE, thanks for all the info. Much love. x.


PS, 30 hours and 38 minutes between the first and third take down of PE.