Gangsternation TV

Written by Elayna


Written by Elayna

Who is this gangster speaking??? first one to give me the correct will receive a reward

If you could tell me who these 2 kids are meant to be you will receive a reward the first person to give me the two correct answers will receive the reward


BadboyZ offer No eXcuse for Deaths

Written by Elayna


No eXcuses total destruction of Badboy

Written by Elayna

It was a Quiet Sunday night in GNSville Not much going on, people just going about there business as normal.

This was until ZombieN4tion found himself on the wrong side of town miles from the BadboyZ headquarters, he was in a bar downing his fav tipple of Pimms and lemonade with ice and a slice. Little did he know he was in a bar run by the notorious family No eXcuses. This was not good news for ZombieN4tion.

So being a bit headstrong and fueld by two & a half Pimms he decided to pick a fight with someone from the neighbourhood, happysock was sat at the end of the bar and he didn't once take his eyes away from ZombieN4tion. Watching his every move happysock spotted the very moment when ZombieN4tion pulled out his sub-machine gun but he didn't spot the one already cocked and pointing straight at him under the bar. happysock dodged to his right and opened fire killing ZombieN4tion without even breaking sweat.

The line had been crossed BadboyZ had entered into No eXcuses teritory and opened fire and they was not about to take it and leave it there.

Joey and DarkStyles the two bosses of BadboyZ travelled to see if they could smooth things over with HydrogeN boss of No eXcuses, But after a long and hard discussion between the two family's nothing good was about to happen.

DarkStyles decided to see if he could jump in first knowing there was a 90% chance of him dying to try and resolve it with his gun, HydrogeN Suspected something like this might happen and spotted Darkstyles with his gun aimed at his head but before he could do anything hydrogen got the jump on him and put more holes into him than your average colander.

Joey was in his car driving back to BadboyZ HQ to give them the heads up on what was about to happen, but before he got there HydrogeN spotted him at a crossroads, steeped out in front of Joey's car and a single shot to the head killed the Boss of BadboyZ and wiping out the heads of the family sending it into History. Joey's good freind and member of entrapment Razors saw what went on with joey as he was in the car behind him. Razors leaped from his Chevrolet Malibu with his twin pistols blazing towards HydrogeN, Now today was someone was definatly looking upon HydrogeN with a good eye, He crouched down behind Joey's Car and waited for Razors to need to reload, at this HydrogeN stood up and unloaded his Sub machine gun into Razor Killing him instantly.

HydrogeN decided to go for a full out attack on the rest of the BadboyZ who at this point was totally unaware of the fate of there boss's. So he gathered his troops and sent them into battle, and there targets anyone wearing the Badboyz colours.

Lead by perfection the full team of Josh3009, Madtoxz, Bigmeech, raider, Duergar & JPG went on the hunt. the pulled up silently in the middle of the night at the back of BadboyZ not so secret anymore hideout. No eXecuses was ruthless in ther total wipe out of all members of Badboyz who were asleep at the time in the BBz hideout, not one of them managed to shoot back, so the 7 who entered killed and went back to the No eXcuses hideout in tact.

The Full forensic team the next morning discovered the dead body's of Zombie, killed by multiple gunshots from JPG's gun. Qwerty was found in his bed with a single .22 hole in the back of his head from a gun owned by Perfection himself. Tyga, Prankster & Donmafia were all found around the Poker table with everal bullets holes all fired from three different tommy guns, later discovered to be owned by, Josh3009, Madtoxz & Bigmeesh. Pycho was found dead while still in a sitting position on the toilet, the bullets recovered from him was fired by a 9mm owned by Duergar. And the last to be found was the body of Cod who's bullet matched the one in the body of DonMafia and traced back to Bigmeech who killed 2 members of BadboyZ.

The next morning news of the total wipe out of BadboyZ hit the press, it was in a newspaper that Rey saw the news and in a rage of anger went on the hunt for the boss of No eXcuses HydrogeN, but once again hydrogeN was one step ahead of the game and took out Rey before he managed to get any kind of revenge.

JoeyJays joke of the day

Written by Elayna

There was a Gangster Convention going on ova at LA GN convention center, and a couple of gangsters was seated next to each other on the plane when one called Mercury turned to the the other one known as Tyler and said, "Let's talk. I've heard that flights will go quicker if you strike up a conversation with your fellow passenger."

Tyler, who had just opened his book, closed it slowly, turned his head and said to Mercury, "What would you like to discuss?"

"Oh, I don't know," said Mercury. "How about nuclear power?"

"OK," said Tyler. "That could be an interesting topic. But let me ask you a question first. "A horse, a cow, and a deer all eat grass. The same stuff. Yet a deer excretes little pellets, while a cow turns out a flat patty, and a horse produces clumps of dried grass. Why do you suppose that is?"

"Jeez," said Mercury. "I have no idea."

"Well, then," said Tyler, "How is it that you feel qualified to discuss nuclear power when you don't know shit?"

Ask the family's

Written by Elayna

OK something new and hopefully i can put together for you all once a week'ish.
I will think of a relevant question to ask who ever is the current Boss and Underboss of all the family's that are alive at the time of printing. of course you can chose not to answer my message and therefor go down in the times as no reply.

Today question?
Day 27 and you have had a chance to settle down a bit now, so has this round gone as planned for you and your family so far?


Boss PHX.
going very well so far we have good loyal members who all help each other out good laugh in fam chat especially as john is a batty boy?

Underboss Misery


Panthers Elite.
Boss Caroliner.

Undrboss SuperioR
Our plan always is and has been to Protect and Avenge.


Solntsevskaya Bratva.
Boss Greatmoff.

Underboss Gemma.
I think the round is going pretty smoothly. I'd like more ranking going on but what can you do???


Boss Tyler.
We are still going, so I guess all's good.

Underboss Andrew.
Tyler is shit, can I trade him in for someone better? 8)


No eXcuses.

Boss happysock.
I'm going to forward this to hydrogen to answer as I'm only holding the fam for him.
Predators reply was "Nah but it's been a better laugh this way ?"

Underboss Moby.


The Disciples
. Boss Bluebob88.
tbh no idea what our plan was, probably not to goto war and get shot at over a bj table. I just took over after ant was shot

Underboss Klunk


the rebles.
Boss cau2013.

Underboss zak.


Grumpy Old Men.
Boss Jimmyshaw.
well i have only been back for around 9-10 days but up to now the round is going great and grumpy old men is coming along nicely

Underboss JoeyJay
Well no not really, i was kinda hoping badboyZ might last little longer, but i'm fine thanks for asking, and what a fine Times issue this is ?


Boss stiff.

Underboss None.


Joey's News

Written by Elayna

Bricky New Car Gone

Bricky new Bugatti Veyron with an value of over 2 million GNDollers was recently slolen from the inside of his gated property in up town GNSville. Bricky recently had it resprayed to his favaroute colour as seen below.
so if anyone has stolen it, please respray it back to looking good ?

Bent politician

JimmyShaw was arrested today after trying to blackmail a politician. the politician was said to be upset at the allegation that he was somehow involved in the Extortion of a member of his society. It was later proven that he did infact target and extort a large some of cash from a member of Entrapment, and it was this family that later squealed to the law.

JimmyShaw was freed with a caution and released into the safe arms of his family, he was later seen on CCTV steeling a car from a dealership.