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The GN News

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Well not much has happened since the events of Thursday/Friday. But were going to have a look at what happened after the issue was published purely because I’ve learnt more information!

So yeah, after the whole PHX being killed by Infidel because she’s been put on the bounties board a lot of times by SweetSugar, and later learned Storm, just to basically screw them over. Or Buck Fuck them, which I don’t really get myself! So lets look at what happened after this:

Storm shot at SweetSugar, and denied this. Well as Storm has a degree in Law you’d think she would have covered all angles possible. But no she messaged a trusted source her feat, lets have a look at this message:

“ReceivedToday, 06:46:43 PM from Storm

You opened fire on SweetSugar with 350,000 bullets and killed them. You took their $4,613,253 held in cash and bank accounts.”

So, that’s how many bullets she shot and how SweetSugar died. Well later on Storm died, well with her Law degree you’d think she would be suing someone for wasting her time!

After the last issue also, I got moaned at a little because I didn’t go into enough detail in the war between Puritania and MK13. Well I would just like to inform everyone that MK13 didn’t kill Puritania, The Cartel got involved because MK13 couldn’t finish the job. Also SourDiesel did get a couple of kills, J0NA and leinad (or Daniel backwards).

So to summerise, MK13 did not kill Puritania, The Cartel killed Puritania, and then pretty much the whole of MK13 joined The Cartel. Never really got the whole “lets leave and make a new family then when we get into trouble go back to them” attitude myself. But never mind!

Plainys Video of the edition

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So yeah, this is my video for the edition, made me laugh a bit and still on my superhero theme!

If you have a video you’d like to enter, then message me!

The Mystery of Tango

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So a few people are wondering who Tango is, with his magical profile? Well I don’t bloody know, I did ask him or her and they only said they’re much better then Cavie. Anyone want to shed some light on this interesting situation?

Profile Rating

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Well I told Turbo that I would rate his profile. Unfortunatly it’s too big for me to get a decent print screen of. SO! You’re going to have to go have a look at it yourself.

So lets see what criteria I am going to use:

Profile Content
Picture Quality
Plainys Opinion

So lets get reviewing!

Profile Content: Text. Picture and music, everything is there 4/5
Picture Quality: Honestly not a fan of the picture, well the main one anyway, or the text based one but both well done 3/5
Music: (cant hear music so its down to Tyler): 3/5 i guess not a huge bob marley fan
Plainys Opinion: Nice profile, but when it says “The Smurf Empire will return” I tend to think what? 3/5 would have been 4/5 without it!

Average score 3.25 / 5

Guess the Gangster

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Well last editions Gangster was Josh, we had 2 people guessing correctly, Number 1 was Bossman and number 2 was Infidel. Well done on them both!

This weeks Guess the Gangster is this:


So who is this? Planking is damn retro its all about doing something upside down now isn’t it?

Who ever guesses first will win something special! So get messaging me boys and girls!

As always all wrong guesses will go on my profile!

Would you like to:

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Would you like to be a contributor towards the times? Then Message me with your thoughts and you might become one!

Would you like to be interviewed for the next issue (probably Tuesday or Wednesday) then message me!

Would you like to be guess the gangster? Then message me with a picture!

Would you like to enter a video? Message me!

Do you want your Profile rated. Message me!

And finally, do you have something you want to put into the times? Anything at all, naked pictures (I will sensor your private parts out and keep the pictures for my own recreational use) or just a funny message? Then mess.. Oh you know the drill!

Plainys GangsterNation Tip

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Hot to not make friends

Well, how do you not make friends on Gangster Nation. Well I think this is going to be dedicated to the chap called Wayne, who just talks utter rubbish in chat.

That is how you do not make friends on Gangster Nation, also when you block people for no reason! Never spoke to the lad and I’m blocked. So if you want friends, I suggest you treat people with respect in chat!

Some WTF Facts

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Your pinky may be cut off if you break a pinky swear in the Japanese Mafia.

Sloppy handwriting skills of doctors are responsible for over 7000 deaths each year.

There's a type of mushroom that's called the "Spongiforma Squarepantsii" that grows in Borneo, Malaysia.

It has been proven that you are more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression if you have a lot of friends on Facebook.

You see yourselves 5 times more attractive in the mirror than you really are, thanks to your brain.

f you find yourself peeing inside a dream, Then you are actually peeing in real life.

Eating bananas makes you more attractive to mosquitoes

Men produce 50,000 sperm per minute

Your heart is about the same size as your closed fist.

In Germany, denying the reality of the holocaust is a criminal offense and can get you 5 years in prison.

You can marry a dead person in France.

Sarcasm stimulates the brain, it also reduces your chances of suffering from Alzheimer disease.

Originally, Coca-Cola was sold as a prescription to cure depression, hysteria and migraines.

A Word From The Editor

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Well yeah, that’s the issue written, hope you enjoyed my WTF facts, took me ages to type all of those. Oh okay I copied and pasted them all from twitter.

On the subject of twitter, if you want to follow me and get some interesting and funny tweets aswell as look at my overly sexy and rather gay looking picture, then @MrPlainy is what its about!

Thanks for voting, you’ve got me for at least a week until you get fed up of me!

Cheers x